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How to create Adsense Ad Unit Codes? [Video]

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Blogger users have a direct option to add Adsense ad units to their blog's template. But using these ad units can be placed only on selected places. You cannot place them just below your blog title, below blog post before comments. It is a matter of fact, that the two positions I just mentioned have the highest CTR (Click Through Ratio).

Furthermore, custom generated ad units will help in easy understanding, while dealing with Adsense performance report.

If your blog is on WordPress you need to know this it is almost a necessary step. Ad placement on WordPress blog is easy all you need is an ad placement plugin.

Step 1: How to create?

  1. Login into your Adsense account.
  2. Select 'My ads' tab.
  3. Click 'New Ad Unit'.
  4. A form will open up. Fill it according to your requirement. While naming ad units it is a good practice to name them using their position in your blog, eg. Top Most Sidebar.
  5. Click 'Save and get code'.
  6. Copy the generated code.
NOTE- If you are running multiple blogs with a single Adsense account or you are planning to do so. Then, create separate ad units for every blog, even if you are placing similar sized ad units on two or more of your blogs. This too helps while studying the performance of each of your ad units separately.

Ad Styles are only applicable for Adword ads. Text based ad units. It is best to use 'Google Default' ad style unless explicitly required. Text ad unit with 'Google Default' style looks most tidy if placed just below blog post title.

Step 2: Implement


  1. Login into your blogger dashboard.
  2. Go to Layout. 
  3. Select 'add a gadget'.
  4. Select HTML/JavaScript and paste you code in the body. No need to give any title.


Use your plugin to add ad codes. Steps vary from plugin to plugin. But base remains the same. 

Google Adsense ad units list

NOTE- Newly created ad unit(s) won't start working immediately. It will take some time to start displaying ads. So don't worry in case you see a blank white space instead of your ad unit. Notice, last ad unit is saying 'New' in status column, rest of them are displaying 'Active' status.

How to edit already created ad unit?

From your adsense dashboard. Select 'My ad' tab. Now, you'll see all of your ad units. Click on the name of your ad unit and edit anything you want. If you want to toggle between 'ad type' then click 'Edit ad type' just below the ad unit's name. This is a quick edit that lets you toggle between text, text/image or image only ads.

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