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Nokia Adds '520 & 720' to Lumia Lineup of Smartphones

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Nokia expanded its range of Lumia Smartphones by unveiling the 520 and 720 handsets at the Mobile World Congress at Barcelona this week.

The company believes that it is possible to enjoy the best Smartphone features without shelling out that much money. They also introduced two entry level phones, the 105 and 305. The 105 is targeted at first time users and sports a small 1.45 inch screen with essential features like alarms, FM radio and so on. The 305 has a display double the size, and sports a 3 MP camera and web browser too. These two phones are expected to be launched in over 120 countries worldwide.

Let us see what specs the new additions boast:

Lumia 720

  1. Display: 4.3-inch WVGA, resolution 800 x 480 pixels
  2. CPU: Snapdragon 1 GHz dual core S4 chip
  3. RAM: 512
  4. Inbuilt storage 8 GB, expandable via Micro SD card (*this is a first for a Lumia Smartphone)
  5. Camera: Primary rear camera of 6.7 MP; Front camera 1.3 MP with wide angle lens and HD quality.
  6. NFC capability
The rear camera is capable of taking good quality pictures even in dim light.. The 720 looks as elegant as the 920 but is even more sleek and light. Nokia’s standard services like Nokia Music and Here locations suite are incorporated in the phone. Here offers turn by turn navigational directions. The touchscreen is extremely responsive and the OS is silky smooth.

This device is expected to carry a price tag of $ 330 and will be released soon in Hong Kong, Vietnam and Singapore, later followed by India, Europe, China and Africa. There is no word as yet on whether the 720 will be released in US markets.

Lumia 520

Touted as the most affordable WP 8 Smartphone to come from Nokia; at $ 183, it certainly looks like it.
  1. Processor: 1 GHz dual core chip
  2. Camera: 5 MP primary
  3. RAM and memory same as the 720
  4. Display: 4 inches WVGA
The camera has digital lenses as in the 920, and software that allows you to filter the images, add effects and highlight features that you want.

This handset will be seen in US markets though it’s likely that it will be available on contract with a carrier.

Neither of the handsets are 4G LTE capable. This is an attempt by the company to woo budget conscious consumers, and to offer a wide choice of WP 8 Smartphones, and to re-establish themselves as a major player in the Smartphone segment. How far it will succeed depends to some extent on the efficiency of the WP 8 OS too. It is definitely not a very task considering the wildfire like popularity of the iPhones and the Galaxy S series. However, given the extremely competitive price tags on these two handsets, the powerful cameras, and attractive looks, I for one, would not be surprised to see consumers making a beeline for them.
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