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Top free Windows 8 apps for publishers

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Sharing the published content is the first effort by a publisher in pushing the article to top positions in Google search. Having higher social stats are now  included by Google in Google's Page Rank Algorithm. So, the higher the social shares, the better SEO you have.

Publishers applications on Start, twitter and Facebook for Windows 8

The deal is not over yet. As a publisher, you are also required to engage to your twitter followers and others. Now, you cannot have a daily checklist of what to do and when to engage.

In such case apps may help in a great way.

Windows Mail

A default system application to check your emails. You can add any email account. While setting up, you may get only Microsoft account. But you can set Windows mail with any mail account.

You can also add multiple accounts, but to prevent any possible confusions you may also enter only your public contact mail account. Well, this confusion won't happen but you may opt to take an additional precaution.


A small application, but downloading and installing may take time. And unfortunately this application allows you to control only one twitter account at a time. Generally, every blogger have to maintain a minimum of two twitter accounts. One personal and other is the one that officially represents your blog.

Facebook Touch

There are a number of versions of Facebook application available on Windows Store. I use Facebook Touch. You can also try other apps too like Facebook Lite, Facebook Plus, etc. Facebook Fan Page management is great in both Touch as well as Plus. I didn't tried any other Fb application.

Furthermore, these Facebook apps have only one ad slot, i.e., only a single advertisement is displayed which contain ads mainly about Microsoft products. So, a great solution for those who don't like Facebook ads.


A good or I must say great application for watermarking your images. This application supports jpg as well as png images. Therefore, application is not restricted to applying only text watermarks. If you have transparent png logo of your blog or company, then you can watermark the published image with your own branding.
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