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Top Windows 8 features

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A lot of user dislike and criticize it. But still it forms a great operating system for professional usage. Windows App Store supplies great applications. Split screen or snapping app side-by-side makes it all even better.

Split Screen

Split Screen allows you to use two applications side by side. This is done by dividing the entire screen into two parts one of one-quarter and other of three-quarter. To do so just open any application and move to desktop, then hover your mouse on top left corner of your work-space  All the open application will pop up, right click the one you want to place on your your split screen. Upon the right click you'll get three options, close, snap left and snap right. Select snap left or snap right according to your needs.

The other way to snap is, by hovering your cursor on top edge of your screen. You'll notice a hand shaped cursor. Now, click, hold and drag. On dragging to the left or right of the screen, screen divider will appearing leave the click to drop it there.

Great Application Options

Windows App Store is continuously expanding. It already have applications for Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Kindle, etc. The app store features both free and paid apps. 

Windows Mail

Default mail exchange application by Microsoft. You can also set up multiple mail accounts. I don't recommend this but having a Hotmail or Outlook account configured with Windows Mail is actually better. Microsoft hosted mail allows you to integrate social accounts like Facebook and twitter to your mail account. This allows you to chat with your Facebook friends via your mail account. 

Windows Messenger

Windows Messenger is designed for socializing but with Facebook integrated Microsoft mail accounts, chatting gets even better and you can reply anytime and get notified too. The best part is the way the message pops in a rectangular Callout box at the top right of the screen. 

For even better Facebook experience use Facebook application. There are a number of versions available, like Facebook Touch, Lite, Plus, etc.

Windows Calendar

If you plan things and update your Calender accordingly or you want to get notified about any friends birthday then Calender comes in. If you have integrated your Facebook account with Microsoft then your Facebook events like your friends birthday will also get updated on your Calender.

Calender Notifications get displayed on you log-on screen, just above your battery level icon (in case of devices running on battery) and network connection icon. So, there aren't any chances of forgetting any event.
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