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Windows 8 shortcuts

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Windows has many shortcuts that most user never use. Windows 8 added a lot to it's list of shortcuts to use. The important shortcuts depends on your use. Shortcuts are always useful and increase productivity. All shortcuts new and old are stated below-

NOTE - Win here refers to Windows Key.

General Shortcuts
Command Action
Win + E Opens My Computer
Win + R Run Command
Win + L Log Off
Win + M Minimizes all active Windows
Win + D Show Desktop. All active Windows comes up again when shortcut is used again.
Win + C Shows Time and All Right Pane shortcuts navigation options.
Win + + Launches Magnifier

Right Pane Menu
Command Action
Win + U Opens Ease of Access
Win +I Setting Options
Win + K Devices
Win + P Opens Second screen Option
Win + H Share Menu

Search Menu in Start
Command Action
Win + F To search Files
Win + Q To search Apps
Win + W To search Settings

Open Application on Taskbar
Command Action
Win + 1 Launch App pinned at first place on Taskbar
Win +2 Launch App pinned at second place on taskbar
and so on... On using these shortcuts twice , the application that just launched, minimizes again.

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