Sunday, 28 April 2013

What upgrade Blogger Needs? Part 2

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An option in search preferences to toggle on and off advance features like adding microdata to the blog as whole and to each blog post. Google itself uses microdata to collect higher details about each website, blogs, and individual articles.

Microdata helps in telling higher amount of details, than just description meta tags. 

Select some text and click the appropriate icon and from a drop-down list select the specific microdata required to be added and fill in the value.

Adsense On/Off for Mobile templates

Many Adsense publisher's use custom Adsense codes rather than Blogger's widgets. So if a publisher decides to place all ad via codes he/she has to toggle off the 'Show Ads' option as it will insert ads at unnecessary and unwanted spots.

But once turned off. The ads serving also stops on mobile template causing a loss in revenue. Now, publisher requires a responsive template with proper JavaScript to display correct ad units in accordance to the screen size.

Multi-author with Google+

Every blogger user has a Google+ profile connected to his/her Blogger account. Every blog owner can enter somebody else's Google+ profile URL to the author's entry and it will get appended as rel="author" attribute. On doing so the author will receive a confirmatory email to prevent misuse of somebody else's authority rank.

Otherwise blog owners connected Google+ profile's URL will be the default value to append as rel="author" tag.

Friday, 26 April 2013

Use Google Chrome browser as Windows 8 app

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Chrome browser is the world's most popular browser. Used by millions on desktop and was made available on Android based mobile devices. After the launch of Microsoft's Windows 8 & 8.1 and it's app based interface.

Google made chrome browser available for Windows 8 and 8.1. And no need to go in windows store for app, to download this app version of chrome browser.

How to use Chrome as Windows 8.1 app?

  1. Open Menu.
  2. Select 'Relaunch Chrome in Windows 8 mode'.
  3. Repeat the same to launch chrome in regular desktop version.
Doing so will also relaunch every opened tab again. So, it is a very easy switch. Once switched, the switched preferences will be saved. SO the next time you will try to open you chrome browser, it will open in the mode you last selected.

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Get Microsoft's Solitaire collection for Windows 8
See your WiFi Password from connected Windows 8 PC

switch chrome into windows 8 app
Switch Chrome in Windows 8 mode
Now, enjoy Chrome as application. Executing as application, Chrome will work as if full-screen, the only difference is you will be able to see all the open tabs. Now you can place it in your split screen. Use it simultaneously with other applications like mail, twitter, Facebook  calender, messaging, etc.

NOTE- When chrome runs in Windows 8 mode, users are not able to use GTalk. This is a plugin problem and it is clearly specified by Google. So, if you are using any Google service that uses GTalk then you might consider relaunching Chrome in desktop mode.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Try WordPress (self-hosted) for free

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WordPress is the world's most used CMS and blogging platform. Which is professional as well as free and open-source. Every beginner WordPress blogger who is either creating a new blog or is migrating from blogger to WordPress, feels worried because of no idea  how exactly a WordPress self hosted website/blog actually works.
use for free on localhost server self hosted

The best way to learn is to use a self-hosted WordPress on a server. So, let's to do it but for free. We'll require two things-
  • A server
  • A copy of latest WordPress release

How to set-up server on your localhost?

  1. First know if you are using 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows.
  2. To know that, just right click 'My Computer' icon and select 'Properties' or alternatively press & hold 'Alt' key and double click 'My Computer' icon.
  3. Go to WAMP's website and download 32-bit or 64-bit server for your 32-bit or 64-bit Windows respectively.
  4. Install it. On launching the installed server application look for the WAMP server icon in your taskbar's tray. It must be green. It is green when it is functional otherwise red or orange.

Final test

Open your browser and type 'localhost' or '' localhost's IP address. You will see WAMP SERVER homepage. You are now good to go.

How to install WordPress?

  1. From download a copy of WordPress.
  2. Extract it on your drive.
  3. Open extracted folder and in that folder you will find another folder named 'WordPress' copy that.
  4. Now, open the directory where WAMP is installed and then go to 'www' folder. Generally directory address is 'C:\wamp\www'.
  5. Paste 'WordPress' folder copied in Step 3.

Creating WordPress Database

  1. Go to phpMyAdmin by typing 'localhost/phpmyadmin' in the address bar of your browser.
  2. Select 'Database' tab.
  3. Under 'create database' enter name of your database. It can be anything but make it simple like db, wp, wpdb, etc.
  4. Click 'Create' button. Success message will show up.

Creating WordPress Configuration file

  1. Go to your local WordPress site by entering 'localhost/wordpress' in the address bar of your browser.
  2. Click 'Create a Configuration File' button, then on the next page click 'Let's go!' button.
  3. Enter the name of database you just created via phpMyAdmin, 'root' as username, leave blank the password, 'localhost' as Database Host and 'wp_' as Table Prefix.
  4. Click 'Submit' and then click 'Run the install' on the next page.
  5. Now enter your sites details like your Site Title, a username and password. Remember these are your WordPress username and password, that you will use to login into your blog/website.
  6. A success notification will appear, with your credentials.
  7. Accessing Your blog
  8. With WAMP server running, enter localhost/wordpress in the address bar and your site will open up.
  9. To Log In use the 'Log in' option from meta menu or access 'http://localhost/wordpress/wp-login.php'.
Using the above steps you can install many copies of the world's most popular CMS. Just rename the wordpress folder to anything else, say 'st',1,2,etc. And while trying to access use the appropriate url like, localhost/st, localhost/1, localhost/3, etc.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Upcoming Microsoft Surface With 7 Inch Display - Rumors Round Up

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Surface tablets that were launched by Microsoft last year with latest version of Windows operating system were very popular. So now Microsoft is planning to add few more Surface tablets to the lineup this year.

The most expected device is the Surface with 7 inch display. People who don’t like having a bigger display gadget prefer the 7 inch tablets so Microsoft is manufacturing a 7 inch Surface for them.

Google Nexus 7 and iPad mini (7.9 inch) are already very popular and Microsoft is pretty much aware of their sales and popularity graph. No doubt, Surface 7 will definitely be the most popular Surface tablet running Windows 8 OS.

According to The Verge news, Surface 7 will be the gaming tablet i.e. the Xbox Surface 7 but I don’t think Microsoft will dedicate the tablet completely to the gaming experience.

The Surface 7 will be having ARM chipset with at least 1GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage. The processor will be having at least dual cores with clock speed of 1.5GHz or higher.

There are lots of rumors going on which says that Microsoft is not into manufacturing the Surface 7 right now but I think these rumors are not so true because Microsoft knows about the sales sheet of 7 inch tablets.

The Surface 7 will definitely have the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and off course the NFC to compete with other available and upcoming tablets having NFC features in them.

Microsoft will definitely provide a unique and impressive look to the tablet so that the device looks like very costlier. The earlier Surface tablet was having very impressive design which is one of the major reasons behind its success and popularity.

Now coming to whether the Surface 7 will have cellular network support or not. I think Microsoft should provide cellular network support because iPad mini is compatible with the cellular network and it will be better for the success of Surface 7 if it has support for LTE cellular network.

Microsoft will not provide the storage expansion option but provide internal storage up to 64GB. Surface 7 will also have the free cloud storage offered at the SkyDrive.

The Operating system will be definitely the Windows 8 and Microsoft has already developing the next version of the Windows 8 so the Surface 7 will have that latest upcoming version of the Windows 8 OS.

Till now, nothing is official yet but Microsoft seems to have started the production of this device. If rumors are correct then Surface 7 will arrive and join the line up by the end of Q3 this year.

This year, the tablet market will be flooded by lots of tablets and this time Microsoft is not going to be just sitting and watching on the back seat. Rather it will try to drive the market with its upcoming Surface 7 and new Surface (with 10 inch display) tablets.

As a windows 8 fan, I’m waiting for this tablet and hope it works for the Microsoft.
Author's Bio: Stephanie Johnson Work for Robustbuy which is largest China Wholesaler web store where you can find everything from Cheap Android Cellphones to Windows smart phones and wide range of  accessories for digital cameras, iPod, iPad,  Android devices and for PC.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Exact things to do to migrate to a WordPress blog (self hosted)

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Migrating from Blogger to WordPress or establishing a new WordPress self hosted blog. Both process seems to be hard and easy at the same time. They may be very typical to perform until you have no idea how to do, and becomes very easy after you know what to do. 

Below is a list that will guide you what to do step-wise while migrating from Blogger to WordPress. In case you want to set up a fresh WordPress blog then you need to skip step 8, 9, 14, 15, 18, 19, 20
  1. Hosting Space- You require a good hosting service to host your WordPress blog a chart is given here discussing about the estimated minimum to maximum cost. If you need to know what hosting is or about the types of hosting refer to this article.
  2. Install WordPress- You need to install WordPress on server. But don't worry about that maximum hosting service providers have one-click install options. Therefore, making install as simple as installing a software on your desktop.
  3. Set custom permalink- Every post/article published on any blog has an address or URL, but that URL maybe in different formats. Bloggers till now has no option to change the structure of URL but WordPress has it.
  4. WordPress Theme- You can get it custom designed but that is expensive option. The cheaper way is to use the free one or buy it from themeforest. There are many more sites but themeforest is a good market place. You will get a good template in $35 to $60.
  5. Set Logo and Favicon- After installing your theme, you need to set your Logo and favicon. Maximum themes have a toolbar which will get installed with your theme installation and you can change your Logo and Favicon just like uploading picture on Facebook.
  6. Create Standalone pages- The pages tlike about, contact, etc. are know as standalone pages.
  7. Check for permalinks, again- According to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques permalink structure plays important role in search results. If you have chosen custom permalinks then it's good to check if permalinks are working as expected, by checking the standalone page URL.
  8. Import from blogger- Importing your posts and comments from Blogger is done by using the built in option. In your WordPress dashboard go to Tools > Import.
  9. Check the permalinks, again- just a check to ensure that permalinks are as selected.
  10. Plugin Wp-Insert- This is the best available plugin that lets you insert ad units almost anywhere inside your blog. You can put ad on high CTR places like just below the heading after the post, etc.
  11. LinkWithin- Related post widget has high importance, if your template doesn't have in-built related post widget then this is a great plugin.
  12. Set Categories and tags using the document- For better management you must create a chart in Word document that points to your exact categories and tags that you will use.
  13. Set featured images- These images are displayed in the excerpts so if you have imported your blog posts then you need to set them of every post (not necessary) but it places a better expression to the readers who land on your home page. Well WordPress has a direct option that is there in the blog post editor.
  14. Setting redirect from blogger to wp- You are required to set a 301 (permanent redirection) from blogger to WordPress. A 301 redirect tells search engines that you website or blog has permanently moved to a new domain name. The best part is that you won't loose your search engine rankings just the existing links are updated, and they start reflecting your new domain name or specific URL.
  15. Set feedsburner redirect- If you have migrated from Blogger to WordPress, then you need to redirect your feeds so that you don't loose any of the reader that you have collected while blogging on Blogger.
  16. Feedburner subscribe via email form- Maximum templates comes with a subscribe via email form but in case you don't have or you want to set it manually.
  17. WordPress SEO by Yoast- A set of additional SEO options to use and rank better in search results.
  18. Migrate disqus threads- All the existing comments threads are required to be migrated so that they become available at your new domain name.
  19. Share the new links on digg, stumbleupon only- To kick start you blog on new address you need good amount of traffic. You will get some traffic from the redirects but to have a better result it is good to resubmit your articles with new link to these sites.
  20. Email to guest authors- If you have guest bloggers to your blog then it is good to treat them with a message telling them that their blog posts or submission are now on a premium platform.
  21. Install W3 Total Cache- WordPress sites are slow to access. To overcome this maximum publishers use a plugin to accelerate the page loading.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Create offers on Facebook Fan page

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Facebook fan pages are a great way to create online presence by medium of collecting more fans. When somebody redeems the offer or just likes your page then the actual impact on getting more online coverage is way too much greater. Check Advantage of creating a Facebook fan page.

Condition to be able to create an offer

You Facebook fan page must have a minimum of 100 likes. If your page has likes lower than 100, you will receive a notification telling you so.

How to create offer on Facebook's fan page?

  1. Login into you account and open fan page.
  2. Click 'Offers, Events'.
  3. A drop down will open up select 'Offer' from there.
  4. Next, you are required to select whether your offer is available, In Store, Online, or both.
  5. For In Store offers, upload a square photo of 300px minimum, create head line (a maximum of 90 characters are allowed for headline), enter terms and conditions for offer, enter bar-code, when the offer expires  number of claims.
  6. For online, you are required to enter URL and a promo code to redeem offer.
  7. Preview your offer. Select package and make payment.
Facebook Fan Page Offer
Creating an offer on Facebook Fan Page
According to research, Facebook offers will get you 3 times ROI (Return on Investment). And ever offer redeemed will get new customers and fans to your page.

Payments will be done on the basis of impressions. 3k to 5k impressions for just $5. Rates may vary. But still the service is worth giving a try. After all, it is just an innovation to business investment and advertising at the same time. Step into online marketing via Facebook.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Top 5 Facebook Apps And Tabs Used For Building Custom Pages

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When it comes to creating attractive custom pages and tabs on Facebook it is of the utmost importance to measure in detail all available options at hand. Differentiation is a key to succeed in the social media world. Extra functionality can be found in the form of content with fans-only access, this tactic is known as fan-gating and it is a proven way to acquire, retain and engage an audience. It is important to remember that the aforementioned content is not text only it can come in the form of images, videos, documents or software. To answer the question about how to increase Facebook fans it is necessary to provide extra value and all the major brands do this to great success. The Top 5 Facebook Apps and Tabs Used for Building Custom Pages create the possibility for a business or an individual to stand out from the crowd on Facebook. The list of these tabs and apps will be shown next: 

1. Wildfire.

This Company offers many Facebook applications; it is well-known for its sweepstakes and contests apps. Savvy marketers from all walks of life are always searching for an extra advantage and it is no wonder that engaging a social media audience through added value campaigns is always successful. Example campaigns are the ones made possible by wildfire and they are a sure business bet.

2. Involver.

This Company has a wide range of Facebook applications, custom pages and tabs can be built with their Static HTML, which is the name of their app. One of the strong points of this service is that an individual or business can easily add an extra tab or an application with a few clicks. They provide some of the most sought after solutions when it comes to functionality.

3. TabPress.

This free iFrame application is developed by HyperArts and it is specially suited for adding content only. Although there are some limitations it is also true that much of its popularity can be traced to its free price tag. this solution is unrivaled for uses such as having a pixel perfect layout for showing content inside Facebook.

4. TabSite.

Sometimes a Facebook tab or app needs to include a vast amount of content. As an example, what if somebody would like to have tabs inside tabs, much like a website? Then TabSite would be a perfect choice to segment and arrange this content in a logical way. Two tabs can be had for free, which is perfect when getting started.

5. iwipa.

Hand coding HTML and CSS may not be an option for many, this is where iwipa comes into play. Adding pictures, videos, slideshows and banners is easily done with this popular easy to use option.

Adding custom functionality to a business page or app can make a big difference in a social media strategy along with the decision to buy Facebook likes. it is always a good idea to engage an audience with great content and custom functionality. This is made easier by the available technology, some of which is free to get started. Choosing among these Top 5 Facebook Apps and Tabs Used for Building Custom Pages is a sure step towards engaging an audience on Facebook, therefore achieving results in a faster and more efficient way.

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Monday, 15 April 2013

Forward your Facebook chat conversations

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Facebook allows forwarding chat conversations between two users to multi-user chat messages to any friend in your friend list. This can be considered as a better way to chat by pulling somebody else's conversation into limelight. At the same time privacy killer too, as anybody with whom you chatted can share your messages with his/her friends.

How to forwards chat messages?

  1. Open messages.
  2. Click 'See All'.
  3. Select any conversation from the list of present to past conversations.
  4. Open 'Actions' drop-down menu and select 'Forward Messages..' from there.
  5. Now the conversations messages will start appearing with a check box select all that you want to share.
  6. You can also add additional message while forwarding.
  7. Click 'Forward' button.
  8. Now, start typing in the name or email address of the recipient, all users will be suggested instantly.
  9. Select more than one user. Message can be forwarded to multiple users simultaneously.
forward chat messages fb
Forwarding Option in Action menu
Forwarded messages won't get displayed in chat window. Instead a link will show up saying 'x forwarded messages' which when clicked will redirect you to Facebook messages.
Facebook chat messages forwarded
Forwarded Facebook chat messages
Forwarded messages will have a small clearly noticeable amount of indent or a hierarchy, which makes forwarded messages distinct from the rest.

A great number of users especially teens usually chat to users they don't know n real life. For them, better be safe cause your messages can be forwarded to anyone. Think before you type.

Manage your Facebook message with these keyboard shortcuts

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Maximum web portals or applications have a series of keyboard shortcuts to make tasks easy. Like Gmail, etc. Facebook also has a series of keyboard shortcuts to perform different operations on your Facebook messages.

Facebook messages keyboard shortcuts
Facebook messages keyboard shortcuts

How to get to these shortcut list?

  1. Open Messages.
  2. Click 'See All'.
  3. From 'Actions' drop-down menu select 'Keyboard Shortcuts'.
No, need to learn and any changes like addition of new shortcuts will become available here, in case if changes happen. These shortcuts are meant for Facebook messages it won't work anywhere else.

Search and Help
Command Action
Alt + g Search Conversations
Alt + q Show/hide keyboard shortcuts
Getting Around
Command Action
Alt + c Start a new Conversations
Alt + i Go to inbox
Alt + u Go to Other
Command Action
Alt + Delete Archive/unarchive conversation
Alt + r Mark message as read/unread
Alt + j Mark as spam

Mashable has MASHABLE in its source code

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Ever seen a logo in the source code. Not exact official logo as it may be pretty hard to create using keys on your keyboard.

Mashable's logo in its front-end codes
Mashable in source code
This is nothing new. But still a great innovation. Maximum programmer's use comments to put details about the author or the company that made an application.

In IDE's like Netbeans when you create a new CSS file, the file contains the name of author and other such details in the codes commented using multiple line comment system.

So, mesh your companies name into your codes too. If possible.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

How to know if the website is running on Blogger or WordPress?

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There are a number of blogging platforms. From Blogger to WordPress. While trying to decide to move from blogger to WordPress or any other blogging platform. Maximum publisher first try to have a look at active blogs running on WordPress.

But as said, there are a number of platforms available. The blog in-front you, on your screen can be running using blogger, WordPress, tumblr, Joomla.

There is a simple catch to know if the blog is running on WordPress or Blogger.

How to know if blog is running on WordPress?

Entire catch lies in source code of the blog that can be viewed by any one on the web. Maximum WordPress users use a caching plugin to fasten up their blog, so that it loads as fast as possible. But not all.

optimize load time of blog with cache plugin
Codes that show optimization using cache plugin
  1. Open the blog in your browser.
  2. Right click on the page (not on links or images or flash content).
  3. Select 'View Page Source' as in Google Chrome.
  4. The next page will show you the front-end generated codes for that specific page.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page. 
  6. A html comment will show that the site has been optimized using w3 total cache plugin or any other plugin.

How to know if the blog is running on Blogger?

Blogger has a predefined structure that cannot be changed. The first in the list is URL structure of blogger. Blogger till now, has no privileges that allow user to change URL structure. And many more like widgets, default css by blogger, etc.

detect blog running on Blogger
Default CSS bundle URL in blogger
Look for the pages like 'About', 'Contact Us', etc. the url structure for pages in blogger is Rest of the confirmatory tests are give below.
  1. Open the blog in your browser.
  2. Right click on the page.
  3. Select 'View Page Source' as in Chrome browser.
  4. Use ctrl + f shortcut, and search for 'blogger' look for the links the point to

Friday, 12 April 2013

Internal linking - Best Practices for SEO

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Many people do not take internal linking serious enough because they do not understand how it affects their SEO. Sure, linking up your website internally is not going to shoot you to the number one spot on Google, but being improperly internally linked may result in you never reaching the top spot. Internal linking is an on-page SEO matter that affects the usability of your website if it is not done correctly. Poor website usability is one of the big things that Google hates, and will subsequently punish your website for.

Every page should have at least three internal links

This is just good practice. Every page needs at least three internal links. If your external links outnumber your internal links on too many pages, then Google is going to look upon you with suspicion. Keep it under your hat, but part of the Panda update was to “red flag” websites with excessive links pointing out of the site. One of the factors that determines an excessive factor is when the links outnumber the internal links. Plus, you want your website to have good internal linking, which means you need to give your viewers at least three links to get them to other pages.

You should run an internal link checker to find broken links

This is common sense, and should be done after you have done a few updates. You do not have to do this on a regular occasion. Imagine that it is a little bit like a good dusting. You may dust your house now and again, but you only need to give it a good dust cleaning when you move the furniture around. The same goes for checking broken internal links on your website. You only need to check for broken links on occasion, and when you move things around on your website.

Do not duplicate your anchor text on your website

You can get away with doing this a little more than Google is letting on, but as a good rule of thumb you should try not to duplicate your anchor text. Try to mix it up a little bit every now and again. Instead of “Back to the Cheese Page,” you could try, “Return to the Cheese Page.” Or, upon occasion you could just have “Cheese Page,” or “Navigate to the Cheese Page.”

Make sure you can find the cart on every page

The internal link that leads to the cart and the checkout needs to appear on every page. That is why it is a good idea to use a widget for the job. People use a widget because the image of a cart is easy to see and understand, plus it means that they do not have to find alternate text for the words “Cart” or “Buy Now.” Many people use a JavaScript link to go to their cart because JavaScript is not indexed by Google, and there is no need for Google to index the shopping cart links or checkout links.

Consider putting a sitemap at the bottom each page

This is a relatively new trick, so you will have to research into how the websites in question are avoiding any penalties for having the same sitemap anchor text on every page. Suffice it to say that it does actually help the SEO of the website. It also makes the whole website a little easier.

Internally link your website as if it is a family tree

This may sound silly, but he premise is very simple. Your family tree starts with one and then splits and splits again, etc. Your website needs to do something similar. All the pages should link to the home page, but the home page should just link to your main categories. The main categories should link to the sub categories, etc. Doing it this way is a very uniform and organized way of making sure your website is internally linked.
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Redirect blogger blog from non-www to www domain

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Blogger does not allow you to publish your Blogger blog at naked domain name, i.e. domain name without www. But you can set up a redirect from naked domain to www-domain name.

A number of visitors who like your content generally try to access your blog by directly typing your blog's url into their address, direct traffic for short. But with no redirection set up your direct traffic will instead get a 404 (page not found) error.

How to create redirect?

  1. Login into your blogger account.
  2. Select your blog from the list.
  3. Navigate to 'Settings' > 'Basic'.
  4. Check the box that says "Redirect to".
naked domain redirection blogger

  1. Login into your domain provider account. (here, Godaddy).
  2. Go to 'My Account'.
  3. From 'My Account' launch your domains.
  4. A list of all the domains you own will open up.
  5. Check the one associated with your Blogger blog.
  6. From the menu tab located just above the list. Select 'Forward' > 'Forward Domain'.
  7. Select 'http://' from the drop-down menu. And enter your domain with www in the next field.
  8. Leave the 'Update my DNS settings to support this change' box checked. If not checked already do check it. Or else your DNS won't get updated automatically.
  9. 'Advance Options' are also available but no need to deal with them. They are set to permanent forwarding.
  10. Click 'OK'.
Changes will become effective in a time range of 30 minutes to 48 hours. Generally it takes less than 30 minutes.

domain forwarding
Refresh or reload your blog with naked or non-www domain. It will now get automatically redirected to your blog's url.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Your exploratory SEO tactics?

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You have a website or a blog and you want to know a few exploratory steps to help you rank higher. Here are a few tactics that you can use to improve your SEO. Instead of taking you through all the on-page and off-page things you can do, here are tactics that are going to improve your SEO by giving you the right information where you need it the most. Here you will see the numerous ways to make yourself more informed. Metaphorically, instead of teaching you how to drive, these tactics will tell you what to look for when you are on the road.

Google your products/service to check out the competition

Do not be a competitor looking, be a customer. Do not Google phrases like “X for sale.” Google things such as “Where to buy X” or “Cheapest X on the market.” You need to Google the service or the products themselves. There is no point in Googling yourself or your competitors, because if your customers are typing in yours’ or your competitors’ names, then it is pretty obvious what they are searching for and what they are going to click on.

You need to Google your products or services and see what your customers see. You need to see what deals they are going to come across and see if there is a way you can counter those deals. Is it possible that they are going to base their next search one key-phrase that they see on the results page? You also have to assume that this preliminary research is all the research that your customers are going to do. Just because you know which competitors are cheaper or better than yours, does not mean that your customers know.

Look at what your competitors are blogging about

Little do your competitors know, that when they blog they are giving a lot of information away about their current marketing strategy. This can be used by you when you construct your own marketing strategy. You are able to use this information to pick the right keywords and to pick the right things to say on your marketing campaign. You can counter the things they are saying, and if they are generating a lot of web traffic because people are searching for their deals, then you can capitalize on that by optimizing for the same thing.

Set up a Google alerts account and use it

You set it so that it alerts you when blogs or articles are published that relate to your niche. You can then see what the newest trends in SEO keywords are by examining the tagged words in people’s tagged words section. You can also stay up to date with some of the things that are going on in your market or niche. You may discover up and coming trends that you can jump onto before your competitors do.

Use Google Suggestions on the search bar

This is a simple exploratory SEO trick. Start typing in some of your keywords and see what sort of suggestions appear. You can do this for hours, and each one you see is a plausible search phrase, because it is possible that people are going to try to type in your keywords and then use the suggestions section to search. You should also try typing in the wrong spellings and slightly awkward phrasings to see what corrections are offered up. When you see the results for the corrections, have a look to see if any of your competitors have sneaked onto the search results for keywords that are spell incorrectly or written awkwardly.

Use Google trends the free keyword tool

You can use this for free to have a quick look at how popular your keywords actually are. Basically, if your keyword illicit a high result on the graph, then it is popular. And, if it hovers around the bottom of the graph then it may not be worth your time (in other words you should do more research before using it). You can also see how popular your certain keyword is around the world, which is always good if you are optimizing your website for certain locations.

Run a backlink check on your main competitors

This is a very simple tactic that you can use in order to steal all of your competitors links. All you need to do is use a backlink checking tool but use it on your competitors URLs. You will be able to see what sites are linked to them. You should then try to get links from the same domains. Not only will you enjoy the extra SEO benefit, but you will not have to work as hard to find relevant and good backlinks for your site. You will also find directories that may also drive direct traffic to your site, plus you get to sit right besides your competitors and steal their traffic from under them.
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Saturday, 6 April 2013

How to backup your entire Blogger and YouTube account? [Entire Google Account]

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As a publisher having a backup of your content, blogs, videos on YouTube is quite important.

Creating a backup of any blogger blog is a simple process, but not simple enough if the publisher is having more than one blog. Creating backup is directly proportional to number of actively updated blogs. To make this easy you can create and download a compressed blogger account archive, this option also makes it easy to manage.

How to backup all services?

  1. Goto Google Takeaway, (requires sign in).
  2. There is a list of Google services associated with your Google Account. Below the list click on 'Create Archive' button.
  3. Archive creation will take time depending on the size of the entire content. 
  4. Once created you can download it from 'Download' tab.
Backup your Google account data

In case it is taking too much time, check 'Email me when ready' box. Or simply close the page, your downloads (upon completion) are always available in your 'Download' tab of Google Takeaway.

How to backup a single service?

Not all services gets updated by you. Therefore, there is no need to create complete backup again and again, this will simple waste your time by making you wait for archive creation and then downloading.
  1. Open 'Choose services' tab.
  2. All associated google services are listed there. Click to select all those you want to archive.
  3. Click 'Create Archive' button.
This too will move to 'Downloads' tab when it will become available for download.


Blogger's imported blog postsBackup of blogger blogs will get downloaded in ATOM format, not in the general xml format. But both are same, try opening xml as well as atom format backups in notepad even the codes are same.

On importing into blogger, all of the imported articles will get marked imported.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Why Alexa Ranks Facebook above Google?

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Alexa, an online traffic metrics or analytics site owned by Amazon, ranks sites on the basis of monthly traffic these website receive. At the top two spots Alexa ranks Google at first place where as Facebook at second.

First of all, lets take a look at the Alexa Pageviews percentage of both of these-

Google metrics on Alexa
Google's Metrics
Facebook's rank on Alexa
Facebook's Metrics
Google Adword's keyword research tools, helps you know how many time in a month Google is searched for any query, i.e, how many times Google is searches for a specific word or phrase.

Google Adword shows that approximately 3 billion and 760 million times users search "Facebook" on Google on the contrary Google is searched for "Google" 338 million times.

These are big metrics, lets us see some smaller metrics too. Google is searched for "" 37 million times, even smaller metrics include "facebook.cpom" 14 thousand times, "facebook.cpm" 27 thousand times and so on. These are just typos, errors made in attempt to type fast. The list is not over yet.

According to Alexa, 2.26% of users accessing Google reach Facebook. Now, imagine if all these users start accessing Facebook by typing the URL into the address bar, or by using browser's tiles or by bookmarks. The mighty Google will lose 2.26% of it's traffic instantaneously.