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Forward your Facebook chat conversations

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Facebook allows forwarding chat conversations between two users to multi-user chat messages to any friend in your friend list. This can be considered as a better way to chat by pulling somebody else's conversation into limelight. At the same time privacy killer too, as anybody with whom you chatted can share your messages with his/her friends.

How to forwards chat messages?

  1. Open messages.
  2. Click 'See All'.
  3. Select any conversation from the list of present to past conversations.
  4. Open 'Actions' drop-down menu and select 'Forward Messages..' from there.
  5. Now the conversations messages will start appearing with a check box select all that you want to share.
  6. You can also add additional message while forwarding.
  7. Click 'Forward' button.
  8. Now, start typing in the name or email address of the recipient, all users will be suggested instantly.
  9. Select more than one user. Message can be forwarded to multiple users simultaneously.
forward chat messages fb
Forwarding Option in Action menu
Forwarded messages won't get displayed in chat window. Instead a link will show up saying 'x forwarded messages' which when clicked will redirect you to Facebook messages.
Facebook chat messages forwarded
Forwarded Facebook chat messages
Forwarded messages will have a small clearly noticeable amount of indent or a hierarchy, which makes forwarded messages distinct from the rest.

A great number of users especially teens usually chat to users they don't know n real life. For them, better be safe cause your messages can be forwarded to anyone. Think before you type.
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