Monday, 15 April 2013

Manage your Facebook message with these keyboard shortcuts

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Maximum web portals or applications have a series of keyboard shortcuts to make tasks easy. Like Gmail, etc. Facebook also has a series of keyboard shortcuts to perform different operations on your Facebook messages.

Facebook messages keyboard shortcuts
Facebook messages keyboard shortcuts

How to get to these shortcut list?

  1. Open Messages.
  2. Click 'See All'.
  3. From 'Actions' drop-down menu select 'Keyboard Shortcuts'.
No, need to learn and any changes like addition of new shortcuts will become available here, in case if changes happen. These shortcuts are meant for Facebook messages it won't work anywhere else.

Search and Help
Command Action
Alt + g Search Conversations
Alt + q Show/hide keyboard shortcuts
Getting Around
Command Action
Alt + c Start a new Conversations
Alt + i Go to inbox
Alt + u Go to Other
Command Action
Alt + Delete Archive/unarchive conversation
Alt + r Mark message as read/unread
Alt + j Mark as spam
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