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Top 5 Facebook Apps And Tabs Used For Building Custom Pages

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When it comes to creating attractive custom pages and tabs on Facebook it is of the utmost importance to measure in detail all available options at hand. Differentiation is a key to succeed in the social media world. Extra functionality can be found in the form of content with fans-only access, this tactic is known as fan-gating and it is a proven way to acquire, retain and engage an audience. It is important to remember that the aforementioned content is not text only it can come in the form of images, videos, documents or software. To answer the question about how to increase Facebook fans it is necessary to provide extra value and all the major brands do this to great success. The Top 5 Facebook Apps and Tabs Used for Building Custom Pages create the possibility for a business or an individual to stand out from the crowd on Facebook. The list of these tabs and apps will be shown next: 

1. Wildfire.

This Company offers many Facebook applications; it is well-known for its sweepstakes and contests apps. Savvy marketers from all walks of life are always searching for an extra advantage and it is no wonder that engaging a social media audience through added value campaigns is always successful. Example campaigns are the ones made possible by wildfire and they are a sure business bet.

2. Involver.

This Company has a wide range of Facebook applications, custom pages and tabs can be built with their Static HTML, which is the name of their app. One of the strong points of this service is that an individual or business can easily add an extra tab or an application with a few clicks. They provide some of the most sought after solutions when it comes to functionality.

3. TabPress.

This free iFrame application is developed by HyperArts and it is specially suited for adding content only. Although there are some limitations it is also true that much of its popularity can be traced to its free price tag. this solution is unrivaled for uses such as having a pixel perfect layout for showing content inside Facebook.

4. TabSite.

Sometimes a Facebook tab or app needs to include a vast amount of content. As an example, what if somebody would like to have tabs inside tabs, much like a website? Then TabSite would be a perfect choice to segment and arrange this content in a logical way. Two tabs can be had for free, which is perfect when getting started.

5. iwipa.

Hand coding HTML and CSS may not be an option for many, this is where iwipa comes into play. Adding pictures, videos, slideshows and banners is easily done with this popular easy to use option.

Adding custom functionality to a business page or app can make a big difference in a social media strategy along with the decision to buy Facebook likes. it is always a good idea to engage an audience with great content and custom functionality. This is made easier by the available technology, some of which is free to get started. Choosing among these Top 5 Facebook Apps and Tabs Used for Building Custom Pages is a sure step towards engaging an audience on Facebook, therefore achieving results in a faster and more efficient way.

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