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Upcoming Microsoft Surface With 7 Inch Display - Rumors Round Up

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Surface tablets that were launched by Microsoft last year with latest version of Windows operating system were very popular. So now Microsoft is planning to add few more Surface tablets to the lineup this year.

The most expected device is the Surface with 7 inch display. People who don’t like having a bigger display gadget prefer the 7 inch tablets so Microsoft is manufacturing a 7 inch Surface for them.

Google Nexus 7 and iPad mini (7.9 inch) are already very popular and Microsoft is pretty much aware of their sales and popularity graph. No doubt, Surface 7 will definitely be the most popular Surface tablet running Windows 8 OS.

According to The Verge news, Surface 7 will be the gaming tablet i.e. the Xbox Surface 7 but I don’t think Microsoft will dedicate the tablet completely to the gaming experience.

The Surface 7 will be having ARM chipset with at least 1GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage. The processor will be having at least dual cores with clock speed of 1.5GHz or higher.

There are lots of rumors going on which says that Microsoft is not into manufacturing the Surface 7 right now but I think these rumors are not so true because Microsoft knows about the sales sheet of 7 inch tablets.

The Surface 7 will definitely have the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and off course the NFC to compete with other available and upcoming tablets having NFC features in them.

Microsoft will definitely provide a unique and impressive look to the tablet so that the device looks like very costlier. The earlier Surface tablet was having very impressive design which is one of the major reasons behind its success and popularity.

Now coming to whether the Surface 7 will have cellular network support or not. I think Microsoft should provide cellular network support because iPad mini is compatible with the cellular network and it will be better for the success of Surface 7 if it has support for LTE cellular network.

Microsoft will not provide the storage expansion option but provide internal storage up to 64GB. Surface 7 will also have the free cloud storage offered at the SkyDrive.

The Operating system will be definitely the Windows 8 and Microsoft has already developing the next version of the Windows 8 so the Surface 7 will have that latest upcoming version of the Windows 8 OS.

Till now, nothing is official yet but Microsoft seems to have started the production of this device. If rumors are correct then Surface 7 will arrive and join the line up by the end of Q3 this year.

This year, the tablet market will be flooded by lots of tablets and this time Microsoft is not going to be just sitting and watching on the back seat. Rather it will try to drive the market with its upcoming Surface 7 and new Surface (with 10 inch display) tablets.

As a windows 8 fan, I’m waiting for this tablet and hope it works for the Microsoft.
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