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Use Google Chrome browser as Windows 8 app

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Chrome browser is the world's most popular browser. Used by millions on desktop and was made available on Android based mobile devices. After the launch of Microsoft's Windows 8 & 8.1 and it's app based interface.

Google made chrome browser available for Windows 8 and 8.1. And no need to go in windows store for app, to download this app version of chrome browser.

How to use Chrome as Windows 8.1 app?

  1. Open Menu.
  2. Select 'Relaunch Chrome in Windows 8 mode'.
  3. Repeat the same to launch chrome in regular desktop version.
Doing so will also relaunch every opened tab again. So, it is a very easy switch. Once switched, the switched preferences will be saved. SO the next time you will try to open you chrome browser, it will open in the mode you last selected.

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switch chrome into windows 8 app
Switch Chrome in Windows 8 mode
Now, enjoy Chrome as application. Executing as application, Chrome will work as if full-screen, the only difference is you will be able to see all the open tabs. Now you can place it in your split screen. Use it simultaneously with other applications like mail, twitter, Facebook  calender, messaging, etc.

NOTE- When chrome runs in Windows 8 mode, users are not able to use GTalk. This is a plugin problem and it is clearly specified by Google. So, if you are using any Google service that uses GTalk then you might consider relaunching Chrome in desktop mode.
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