Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Why Alexa Ranks Facebook above Google?

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Alexa, an online traffic metrics or analytics site owned by Amazon, ranks sites on the basis of monthly traffic these website receive. At the top two spots Alexa ranks Google at first place where as Facebook at second.

First of all, lets take a look at the Alexa Pageviews percentage of both of these-

Google metrics on Alexa
Google's Metrics
Facebook's rank on Alexa
Facebook's Metrics
Google Adword's keyword research tools, helps you know how many time in a month Google is searched for any query, i.e, how many times Google is searches for a specific word or phrase.

Google Adword shows that approximately 3 billion and 760 million times users search "Facebook" on Google on the contrary Google is searched for "Google" 338 million times.

These are big metrics, lets us see some smaller metrics too. Google is searched for "" 37 million times, even smaller metrics include "facebook.cpom" 14 thousand times, "facebook.cpm" 27 thousand times and so on. These are just typos, errors made in attempt to type fast. The list is not over yet.

According to Alexa, 2.26% of users accessing Google reach Facebook. Now, imagine if all these users start accessing Facebook by typing the URL into the address bar, or by using browser's tiles or by bookmarks. The mighty Google will lose 2.26% of it's traffic instantaneously.
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