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Add your feeling, what you are watching, having on Facebook

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Facebook rolled out a new innovation to put a better status on your Facebook timeline. This feature is an extension to, who you are with (adding other users), place and photos.

The best part still is that you can add who you are with, and it will get appended to your status. Similarly, you can add location and photos for sure.


Under feeling you can add a smiley with a word that exactly specifies how you are feeling. It has a range of predefined smiley's. But it still allows you to add anything custom, like adding a word in your own language and then choosing a closely related smiley. This time your status will show the smiley with your own custom word.
Custom feelings in Facebook status
Facebook feeling
Now, because of this custom word addition the smiley list becomes endless.

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Well, this is not only about movies or TV shows. What this does is that, it searches for Facebook fan pages and upon your selection it adds them. 

But the selection is primarily based on the type of status you are adding. For example, if you are adding watching then the genre of Facebook fan page. But the search is not limited to this, that is, you can always add a book with "watching".
reading functionality on Facebook
Watching on Facebook


Add books you are reading or any other page. You can add custom value in the book field. It even allows you to add a custom icon, just before the book.
adding what you are reading on Facebook
Reading on Facebook

Listening to

Add the artist you are listening to. Here to you can add custom artist and select the type of music by selecting the proper icon.
add artists to your status
I added my own name


Add what you are drinking. Tea, coffe, or the best custom. And as it adds Facebook page, so you are always free to drink "titanic","The A Team", etc.


Add what you are eating. With this too you can eat almost anything but within the status.

Limitations of Facebook's new status innovation

The biggest limitation is that you can add one thing at a time. So, if you are watching a movie and getting bored or great, you cannot add both of these at the same time within a single status.

More Limitations

You cannot add any user. For example, you are "beating" somebody.
Learn more about Facebook here.
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