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Download twitter profile background image

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Twitter allows you to upload a background image to make your profile look more customized and give it a personal touch. A lot of users try to create their own custom backgrounds and in the process they use a lot of images editing tools to get the perfect one. Or may be close to perfect.

Sometimes you loose your edited image. And you want to edit the uploaded one but how you don't have a copy. Or in some cases you want to retouch the default images or wallpapers.

download twitter profile's background image
Background image's URL
Though it is all clear from the image presented above but still,

How to download twitter background image?

  1. Open your twitter profile in your browser.
  2. Right click on the page (any where on page except links).
  3. Select 'View Page Source' in Google Chrome and 'View Source' in Internet Explorer.
  4. This will launch a new tab or window (as in Internet Explorer), containing HTML codes.
  5. Use Ctrl + F, to find body.user, there will be a single occurrence of the specified code.
  6. Just next to these you will find background-image: url (IMAGE LINKING URL).
  7. Select the URL  now it is your choice how to download the image using 'Save As' or 'down-loader'.
Now, you can make any necessary edits or re-touch the image and upload again.
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