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Give Real gifts via Facebook Gifts

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Typing on somebody's wall wishing him/her Happy Birthday is not always enough. Facebook adds more to it by enabling a new feature that lets users order real gifts online. These gifts will get delivered to the address that the recipient provides after accepting the gift.

give real gifts via facebook gifts
Give real gifts to your friends via Facebook Gifts

How to send Facebook gifts?

There are three ways to send gifts-
  • Birthday reminder shows 'Give him/her a gift'.
  • Visit their timeline (Gifts Tab).
  • Visit Facebook Gifts. You can access a list of events on that day.

Gifts sending privacy

While gifting you will be asked whether you want a status to be posted telling your friends that you gave a gift to someone. Useful feature especially in case your gift is being sent to your 

Let your friends select their gifts

Sometimes you give your friends the option to select from a list what they want. Facebook gifts have a privilege for that too. You are required to select the gift and choose to pay later. If your friend accepts the gift then you are required to make payment other wise choose something else.

preview facebook gift before making it final
Preview Facebook Gifts
You also have the option to send notification at that very instance or set a future date to do so.
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