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How to hide your friend list in Facebook?

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Not only friends, but family members, acquaintance  classmates, colleagues  co-workers as well are now beings added as you Facebook friend list. It is quite common to find even the users you once shook hands with or sometimes you don't know them at all.

With these conditions, there comes a need to hide your contact list or Facebook friend list. Or make it visible to only a specified users. You can always customize how your friend list's visibility.

hide your Facebook friend list from other users
Hide Facebook friend list

How to hide your Facebook friend list?

  1. Log-in into your account.
  2. Open you profile.
  3. Click on 'Activity Log'.
  4. Under 'Photos', 'Likes', 'Comments' hit 'more' to access the entire navigation list. And the select 'friends'.
  5. Hit the button next to the question "Who can see your friend list?".
  6. Select 'Public' to make it visible to everyone but still requires the other user to be logged-in, 'Friends' to make your friend list visible to your friends, 'Only Me' on your can see your friend list, and 'Custom' to make list visible to specific selected users.
In 'Custom' there are two options, 'Share this with' and 'Don't share this with'. You can enter a list of selected users from your Facebook friend in both the options. First one will make sure that only the users you selected will have the privilege to see your friend list, the second option when selected will make sure that the specified user list cannot see your friend list.
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