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Host feedburner feeds with your own domain name

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Feedburner users are required to access their feeds via the URL. And thus all the feeds are accessed via feedburner's domain name.

My own feeds address was which is now changed to Feedburner allows its users to redirect to their own domain name. After setting up this you can access your entire feedburner account with your own domain name like I can now access using

How to redirect my feeds to my own domain name?

To set up the redirect you are required to perform the following two steps-
  1. Set up CNAME in your DNS.
  2. Set up redirect URL.


launch domain in godaddy
Step 1: Launch Domain

New DNS Manager in GoDaddy
Step 3: DNS Manager
  1. Log in into your Domain Provider's account (GoDaddy in this case) and go to 'My Account'.
  2. 'Launch' domains or expand domains by clicking the '+' icon and then 'launch' the domain from the list that you want to associate with Feedburner redirect.
  3. Navigate to 'DNS Manager' and click 'Edit Zone'.
  4. Scroll to 'CNAME (Alias)' and at the bottom of CNAME entries you will find 'Quick Add' button.
  5. Click 'Quick Add' button.
  6. Enter 'feeds' or any subdomain host where you like to host your feeds, (refer to Set Up redirect URL, step 4).
  7. In the next 'Points to' field you are required to paste value you obtained from Set Up redirect URL step 3.
  8. Set TTL value to 1 Hour.
  9. Click 'Save Zone File'.
It will take be effective within 1 Hour (generally), sometime it may take upto 48 hours, but don't worry it will get updated within a single hour. So, wait before performing step 5 in Set Up redirect URL, you will encounter an error while in step 5 until you have your CNAME updated.

To kill the mean time you can try how to set automatic redirection from non-www to www domain name in Blogger, or learn how to change feed address or Set Up autopublish feeds to twitter.

Set Up redirect URL

redirect feedburner feeds to your own domain name
Points to value: CNAME (Alias)
  1. Log-in into your Google account.
  2. Go to Feedburner's MyBrand.
  3. You will find a list of three steps, copy the 'Points to' value from the yellow colored highlighted area. Value is like, here
  4. In the second step on 'MyBrand' page, enter your sub-domain where you will like to have your feeds redirected. Like in my case. Now, you know that the data entered in Set Up CNAME, step 6 and here must be same.
  5. Click 'Activate' button'.
add more than one sub-domain for feeds in feedburner
Add another domain
In case you are running more than one blog and thus, you own multiple domain names with every blog using Feedburner. Then you can enter multiple sub-domains pointing to feeds by using 'Add another domain'.

What's left?

  1. Well, you still need to update feeds address in your blogger. To do so navigate to access your blog, navigate to 'Settings' then 'Other', now enter your new feed address.
  2. Furthermore, you are required to update your feed readers counter chicklet.
  3. Update your subscription form.
All services will remain active and functional with the older address, but still to show off you must update. Access all feedburner tutorials here.
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