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Most Beautiful company logo with concept

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Logo represents every company. These logos are always beautiful, and where ever they stand they represent success. But ever wondered what was the concept behind making of every logo, how designers achieved them?

Here is a list of some of the logo, with the concepts behind them.


In LG's logo there is a winking man, the dot is the open eye, L is the nose and the big G forms the other winking eye.

concept behind LG's logo
LG logo

City Direct

concept behind city direct's logo
City Direct logo


What is special in this one? Well, hard to find. But have a look at the arrow formed by the alphabets Ex. This arrow represents speed and precision.
logo concept behind FedEx
FedEx logo


Apple's logo is formed  using a set of circles. The leaf is a result of intersection of two circles.
concept drawing of apple's logo
Apple logo


The first two alphabets are formed using analog signal's representation, where as the last two IO formed by the digital signals representations, that is, 1 and 0.
logo of VAIO by Sony
VAIO logo

Martini House

The two martini glass that are forming the walls and ceiling of the house.
logo concept of martini house
Martini House logo


The blue bird is kind of synonym to twitter. But see the circles made to achieve the blue bird's unique shape.
twitter logo
Twitter logo


The Ubuntu's logo represents the entire community from all around the world who have contributed towards the development of the Linux based Open Source Operating System.
Ubuntu logo
Ubuntu logo

Sun Microsystems

Look for the four 'sun' forming each vertex of the logo.
concept of sun microsystems' logo
Sun Microsystems logo
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