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Social Network share stats and SEO

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In an update in Google's search algorithm, Google started to count or take social stats into consideration for ranking any domain name.

Users or publishers can create pages on Facebook as well as Google Plus. But the SEO functionality or benefits achieved with having pages on these two top platforms differ greatly.
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What likes or +1's are considered?

A simple answer to a simple question. People do know that they are considered but maximum of them still have no idea of how these are counted. Google does not take into consideration all the likes or +1's when it comes to ranking your site/blog.

On both sites, the like or +1's given to your homepage url counts. 

Page Like VS URL Like : Google Plus

A page on Google plus can be connected to your sites URL. After doing this step +1's for URL's and +1's for Page become one. From now on if a user give your page or your link a +1 then it is counted on both platforms.

A single Google Plus page plugin or widget performs both tasks, that too simultaneously. Furthermore, Google Plus page can be connected to your site by using a rel="publisher" tag this will help user see your page on search engine result when they search with exact query. Try searching "Google" on Google you will see the country specific G+ page. There is a rel="author" tag too, to connect your personal profile with your content. (Non of the tags are explained in details here).

Page Like VS URL Like : Facebook

In Facebook you cannot connect your sites URL to your page, though your can mention it on your Facebook Page. Both your page like and URL like walks different paths. Now as mentioned above your URL like counts therefore, Facebook page like have no SEO result for Google's organic search.

Why should I have a Facebook page as it brings no SEO?

Well, having likes on page do brings a fan base and an option that helps you deliver your content or message directly on the wall of your fans. And the higher the number of fans the higher are the chances of getting conversions (user clicking wall links and getting redirected to your site).

Now you are required to put a Like button on your site the helps your user generate URL likes. For this visit Facebook Developers - Like Button, place your URL with http:// and then generate code by using 'Get Code' button.

Similarly, Facebook comments, shares, twitter, etc. work on your domain name. These are something that are achieved over time. You can ask your friends or family member to increase your social stat. It is always to get some extra with your in-house resources.
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  1. troublesometots6 May 2013 at 19:27

    Thank you for trying to provide some much needed clarity to those of us who are struggling to figure out G+. It's a wonderful tool but also not that easy to figure out when you're just starting :P

    Can I ask you what you mean by this?: A page on Google plus
    can be connected to your sites URL. After doing this step +1's for URL's
    and +1's for Page become one. From now on if a user give your page or
    your link a +1 then it is counted on both platforms.

    I'm not sure I understand when you say that +1 for URLs and Page become one. Thanks so much for sharing your insights!

  2. If you have added your website's link to your Google Plus page, then either a user gives a '+1' to homepage URL shared by you or somebody else or a user clicks '+1' after visiting your page or via embedded badge will show an increase '+1' on your Google Plus page.

    So, a '+1' on link or on page are two different ways but they work as one.