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Know how much data you used in Windows 8?

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Till Microsoft's previous version of Windows, that is, Windows 7, users were required to download external software  To get a feedback om their data usage. To download, every users needed to search for one or look at the connection data and then convert it to Mb or Gb from the default byte ratings. Or the worst wait for the internet bill.

show estimated data usage in windows 8
Show Estimated Data Usage: Windows 8
With Windows it is much easier to have a day-wise estimation of the amount of data you used per connection.

How to activate or show usage data?

This is by default inactive. All you are required to do is just activate it and then from that day on-wards you total data usage and the number of days passed will be accessible with a click.
  1. Connect to your internet connection.
  2. Click on the "Network" icon and from the menu that slides right click on the connection.
  3. Select "Show estimated data usage".
  4. Repeat the same process again to hide usage data.
know how much data you used in windows
Turning on estimated data display
You can also reset usage data anytime. It is quite useful  you can reset it every 30 or 7 days as your wish or in accordance to your requirement, and get an estimate of your per month or per week data usage on Windows 8.

This feature shows the data usage per connection, that is, if you have two connections one via Wi-Fi and other via wired Ethernet connection then the data usage occured per named connection will be shown as separate.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

HTC Desire 200 is now official, coming with 3.5 inch Display

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HTC has been a leader in bringing new and innovative smart phones to the market and have been doing so nice since the smart phone market emerged. The company produces high end smart phones that are heavy both on features and technology. HTC has been constantly adding to its cavalry that are able to give competition to all the phones that are present in the market. Their most successful series has been the HTC desire series which has a number of great phones including the HTC Desire S, HTC Desire Q and HTC Desire C. They have recently announced another phone in the same series called the HTC Desire 200. 
HTC Desire 200 coupled with beats headphones
HTC Desire 200 with Beats headphones
This phone was the talk of the town and a number of rumors had been cooking up regarding the specifications and the features of the phone. The rumors reached a level where specifications and images of the phone were leaked. Following this HTC has confirmed most of the rumors by officially announcing the phone on its site and listing the features that the phone possesses. However information about the pricing of the phone and its release date are still left to the speculation of the consumers. 

The phone is 11.9mm thick and weighs around 100 grams making it a very light phone to carry. The phone has a 3.5 inch HVGA touch screen which points to the fact that the phone will not be the usual HTC high end phone and will probably feature in the mid-price range market. Other details about the screen are not known as of yet, whether it will have features such as the multi-touch one can only speculate. 

Moving ahead the phone will run on a Snapdragon S1, 1 GHz processor that will be supported by 512 MB RAM and an internal storage memory of 4 GB which may be varied in different versions. The storage memory can also be expanded using an external card up to 32 GB. The phone carries a 5 MP camera with fixed focus, however there is no flash. The camera is also suitable for video recordings of not so high quality as it can make VGA recordings. The camera has an interesting Intuitive Camera feature. With the help of this the camera clicks photo on its own without pressing any button when someone is smiling. There is also one touch posting which allows you to upload your pictures on social networking websites at the touch of your button. 

The phone can be used in-both 2G as well as 3G networks with the help of a regular SIM. In addition the phone has Bluetooth connectivity with the help of Bluetooth version 4.0 and is Wi-Fi enabled. It does not have the Near Field Communications (NFC) functions but still has good connectivity. The phone can use GPRS/EDGE and HSPA for greater data speed. The phone also boasts of intelligent web browsing which automatically adjusts the screen size to the text of the website. The feature also allows the user to browse ad free and zoom in and dial a phone number on a web page with ease. One can also store copies of online articles for offline reading. 

In addition to this the phone has a couple of other attractive features. The phone has the HTC Data Manager which allows user to monitor the data usage of the phone and helps the user choose the best plan for the phone. In addition, the phone also carries the Beats Audio music which has become a trademark of the HTC phones. The Beats Audio sound enhancement feature helps the user to experience high quality music and the phone also comes with a Beats Audio headset which further enhances the music experience. 

The phone works on a 1230 mAh Li-Ion battery which has a 10.9 hours and a stand by time of 693 hours for GSM and talk time of 7.4 hours and stand by time of 821 hours for WCDMA. The phone also has the accelerometer, proximity sensor and ambient light sensor. The phone will have the Android OS with HTC Sense. 

Detailed Specifications 

Physical Specifications

The phone measures 107.7 mm x 60.8 mm x 11.9 mm and weighs around 100 grams. As the photos of the phone suggest it is expected to come out only in black color. 


The phone has 2G as well as 3G connectivity. The phone can access Bluetooth connections with the help of Bluetooth version 4.0. The phone is also Wi-Fi enabled. 


The phone has an audio as well as a video player. The audio player can as playback play the .aac, .amr, .ogg, .m4a, .mid, .mp3, .wav, .wma formats while play recordings of the .amr format. On the other hand the video player can play the 3gp, .3g2, .mp4, .wmv, .avi as playback formats and .mp4 as the recording format. 

To make the media functions accessible the phone has a 3.5mm audio jack and the Beats audio sound enhancement. 


The phone has a 5 MP rear camera with fixed focus. The camera has a F2.8 aperture and a 34mm lens. It is capable of VGA recordings. 


Removable and Rechargeable 1230 mAh Li-Ion battery which has a 10.9 hours back up and a stand by time of 693 hours for GSM and talk time of 7.4 hours and stand by time of 821 hours for WCDMA. 

Additional Features

The phone has a number of additional features including the GPS feature. Other features are Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Google Talk, Organizer, Clock, Notes, Calculator, Calendar, Document Viewer, SMS (threaded view), MMS, Push Email, Predictive text input, Android Games etc. The HTC desire 200 is a packed phone and has a number of features which will help it make its mark in the smart phone market. A close look at the specifications point out that the phone should be in the mid-price range and if it is, it shall do very well in the same. However as of now one has to wait to hear the release date of the phone and sees how it fares then.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Domain authority rank: what is all about?

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Domain authority rank could be one of the newest Internet cons, a little like the rumor that we eat seven spiders in our sleep. For example, Google PageRank is dictated by Google, and Alexa Rank is dictated by Alexa, so who is deciding what makes an authority rank. 

Add to this the fact that if you Google the term, you are going to find a lot of websites that all have their own version of what makes up a domain authority rank They each have similar things, but each one seems to take its own slant, and most are so vague that you can come away knowing less about domain authority rank than you started. 

Is domain authority rank even real?

Assuming you have Googled the term and discovered a bunch of websites giving you similar but vague descriptions of what domain authority rank is, you may feel the urge to check Wikipedia. But, you will have no luck on there, even though you can find PageRank, Alexa Rank, etc, on there with ease (you won’t find MozRank). 

Searching for sources of information

In desperation to figure out what domain authority rank is, you may try Amazon. After all, you can find books on there for SEO, for PageRank, for improving Alexa Ranks, for improving your SERP positions on Bing, Yahoo, even on Ask and WebCrawler. Sadly, you will not find a single book on domain authority. So you may be tempted to buy one of those web based e-books that are on those shifty looking websites. Well don’t bother, because if you are lucky enough to not have your bank accounts cleared (kudos to HSBC for blocking them by the way), you will find eBooks that are just on SEO and give no direct definitions for improving domain rank. 

Do sharing sites hold the answer?

Sharing sites are naughty because people are supposed to be sharing creative commons work and open source programs, but they share movies and music instead. You will also find a lot of e-books on things such as domain authority. But, yet again, if you manage to download a few that are not viruses (look out for ones that end with .exe, because they are the bad ones) you will see that none of them can make up their mind. Some say that it is a merging of PageRank and BingRank (there is no such thing), where others claim it is like page authority (is it?). 

Why do the tools check for different things?

If you are looking for more proof that domain authority rank is not actually a real thing, then consider this. The tools you can use to check your domain authority online are each testing for different things under different parameters. If they were all checking for the same thing then it stands to reason that they will all give you the same results, but they do not (not by a long shot). Try a few free tools online for the same website and you can see for yourself. 

The combined information of multiple sources

Whether domain rank is something that is real or another online rumor that sounded plausible enough to be integrated into the zeitgeist, there are some unspecific commonalities between the many websites that talk about domain authority (but they are not pretty). 

Most of them talk about relevance, authority and transfer. “Relevance” refers to the links pointing to the website, where more relevant links means a higher domain authority. The “authority” part that websites speak of is undeniably vague, but if you read a few you will see that they mostly mean, does your website rank highly on the search engines. Finally, “transfer” refers to how powerful the links are that come from your website. If your links help the SEO of another website quite a bit, then apparently you have a better domain page rank. 

What do you do with domain authority rank?

Your best bet is to ignore it. You will find that it is mostly just a new service to add into SEO Company marketing. All you need to concern yourself with is getting your website to the top of the Google and Bing/Yahoo search results pages. If you can do that, then who cares about what some tool thinks about your “domain authority.” 
Author's bio: This post is written by Kate Funk. She is a professional blogger and writer at She specializes in topics of interest to techno geeks and networking enthusiasts.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Finally Hashtag is available to everybody on Facebook?

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A way of sharing, discovering and engaging launched and popularized by twitter, made its way to Google Plus and finally arrives at Facebook. Yes, we are talking about # hashtag. Now facebook has functionality to follow or subscribe to other users and now hashtags too. This may seriously impact twitter.

Where Facebook's hashtag can be used?

Well almost everywhere. You can use hashtag on-

Your status updates

While posting status updates, you can place hashtags any where in the context.

Facebook hashtag on status
Facebook Hashtags on status update
You can get more followers/subscribers who will receive selected updates from you.

Facebook Page Status

If you own any Facebook fan page then it becomes way to much important to use hashtags as hashtags help will help your page in getting discovered and get more likes and convert too.
Hashtag on Facebook fan page
Hashtag on Facebook fan page
Anyone seraching for #HTCOne or #anyhashtag will easily discover your content and finally your page too. You may cover extra likes, views and comments on your fan page.

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Facebook Rolled Out Verified Accounts

Searching Facebook hashtags

Any post doesn't matter posted on your personal account or as your Facebook fan page, both can be searched via different methods.
Use search bar- You can simply put your query in the search bar with appropriate hashtag and get results.
Click on other hashtags- 

hashtags when clicked search and display results
Hashtags when clicked perform search and open them in a frame

Hashtag Privacy and Security

This might have sparked a question in your mind about privacy and security infringement. But the good news is that facebook hashtags strictly follow the privacy settings applied by the user on their status.

If a status is public then anybody can see your updates in the search result. But if your status' privacy is set to friends or friends of friends, then the appropriate users can see your status update in their search results.

Smaller version of HTC One SmartPhone is Coming: What to Expect?

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The HTC One is a great device. There is no point against it and even if there is, I don’t like to hear it as I absolutely love the device. The ultra-pixel camera on the HTC one was a bold move by the company and we appreciate the move. Everyone else has been busy adding more pixels to the images captured by phones but they did some good by actually making an attempt to improve the camera quality. The ultrapixel camera works great to capture pics in low light and 4.7 inch 1080p display shows you colors to their truest.
HTC One Mini Smartphone what to expect
HTC One Mini
Now there is a word out that a smaller version is in works which might provide people with the similar experience and feel at a lower price. We have seen such moves from the stable of Samsung and apparently HTC is trying the same in a hope to sell good number of units. We have seen Samsung announce the S4 mini which would provide users with similar looking device and provide them with some of the high end features from the Galaxy S4.

This works well for the manufacturers as people buy the device for the name and the few features that they won’t otherwise get in phones priced close. Plus the looks are deceiving too. Not everyone needs a quad core device just for making a few calls and sending a few messages, but the looks of a high end phone make them desirable. A “scaled down” version would provide users with the same looks and elegance of design without taking up the cost. We take a look at what the internet rumors have to say about the upcoming HTC one mini.


The HTC one mini would simply follow the design scheme of elder brother HTC one. It might be a bit thicker than the HTC one but the edges and curves will all retain their shape. The HTC one is a great looking device so we shouldn’t have any complaints against the design of HTC one mini too.


HTC has been providing decent displays in their devices (well except for the low end devices) and this one is expected to have a nice display as well. Plus it has to carry the HTC one name so a good display would be necessary to couple with the looks. The HTC one has a 4.7 inch 1080p display. This ‘one’ is supposed to have 4.3 inch display having 720p resolution. This would give a pixel density of over 340 pixels per inch and that is sweet. The display won’t have contrast ratios as good as the AMOLED displays seen on Samsung devices but it would surely have great colour replication and excellent brightness.


The HTC one runs a Qualcomm chipset and a quad core Krait processor clocked at 1.7 GHz. The specifications of quad core Samsung Galaxy S4 are somewhat close to it, with slightly higher clock speed. The scaled down Galaxy S4, S4 mini is getting a dual core processor running at a clock speed of 1.7 GHz and 1.5 or 2 GB of RAM. The HTC one mini is supposed to have almost the same basic hardware. A 1.5 or 1.7 GHz dual core processor coupled with 1.5 or 2 GB of RAM, the more the better. 

The phone might or might not have the infrared port like that on the standard HTC one to control you infrared devices around the house. Chances exist that they might add that feature to give people something exclusive from the high end device.


The camera on HTC one is a 4 megapixel ultra-pixel camera. If you didn’t get the jargons, then a simple explanation is that it is a low resolution camera, working at a larger light sensor. This way each pixel of image can have more area on the light sensor (2┬Ám in case of HTC one) which improves image quality. The colour replication was greatly improved over most mobile cameras and even low light photos had greater details and low noise. 

We always used to say that just increasing the count of pixels in an image won’t do any good to photography and someone actually needs to act different from the crowd and make a better low resolution camera. HTC took the bold move and put a 4 megapixel ultra-pixel camera in HTC One. This is one of the reason we love HTC one. They actually worked towards improving quality of photos we click rather than just joining the megapixel war. Some might say that 4 megapixels is too small for a photograph but then we would say that they haven’t welcomed the digital photography well. How many good posters have they made out of the 8 or 13 megapixel camera they have got on their phone? We have still got a 3.2 megapixel Sony digital camera and I still use it instead of the 8 megapixel camera on my phone. And believe us we know what a good photograph is. 

Chances exist that we might see the same camera on the baby HTC one. And if it happens, we would be the part of happiest group in the world. This would put the great camera of HTC one in many hands and once people realize that it is actually better than their previous camera stating double the megapixel number, they will look for quality and not high megapixels. If things go this way, it will surely force other manufacturers to go for the same methodology and would do some good to the mobile photography.

This is a promising phone that people will look forward to. In fact we would prefer HTC One mini over Samsung S4 mini if they are priced close. The phone is supposed to be priced a bit over 25K if and when it is launched in India and we feel it would be worth it. 
Author's Bio: This article is written by Sanjay Kumar Negi. He is working at

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How to check CPU temperature in Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP and Ubuntu?

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On desktop it is quite hard to have a good temperature assumption so you cannot have a clear opinion about your system's temperature. Therefore, it is clear a user will have no idea if his/her system is overheating or not. On Laptops, you can have a clear assumption whenever your system overheats.

So let's kill our assumption with some hardware monitoring applications.

Open Hardware Monitor

A simple application that is free and runs on both Microsoft Windows as well as Linux based operating systems. It uses Microsoft's .NET Framework, so install if you don't have one already installed on your system.

Check CPU temperature in Windows 8
Open Hardware Monitor: Check temperature of different components
Open Hardware Monitor, monitors CPU, GPU, HDD's and graphic card's GPU too. Monitored data will show temperature, clock speed, load, etc. The best thing is that the entire application is more like a widget. You can leave it running in your tray, or exit completely. Just download and run application, no installation is required.


This one does the job well, but is not exactly a temperature monitoring tool. It is more than that. It is more like a complete system information tool. It covers everything that Open Hardware Monitor has as well as every little details about the Vendor, Manufacturer, Model.

It will show details about your Operating System, CPU, RAM, Motherboard, Graphic Card's GPU, Hard Disk Drive, Optical Drive and Audio. One thing that still makes Open Hardware Monitor, still a better option for checkong your system's different component's temperature is that Open Hardware Monitor is click and run software and don't requires installation.

Speccy comes is free as well as paid professional editions and business editions.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

How to Leverage Contests to Get the Most Traffic for Your Blog?

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An often overlooked strategy for getting more traffic and engagement with your blog is to host a contest or give-away. A lot of bloggers think that give-aways are only for promotional sites. However, if they are used effectively, any site can use them to double or triple their traffic in no time. 

host contests on wordpress, tumblr, joomla and blogger to drive traffic
Host contests to drive traffic
The key to getting a lot of traffic to your blog is to really understand how to get the most out of your giveaway. You can just throw up a giveaway offering a gift card to Starbucks or a free dinner at Outback and expect readers to start falling over themselves trying to get to your site. You have to know how to make the right choices every step of the way to make your contest or giveaway the most effective. Here are a few tips for how you can leverage contests to get the most traffic for your blog: 

Pick a Really Good Prize

A Starbucks gift card isn’t going to have anyone running to your site – even if you write for coffee lovers. However, if you have an iPad up for grabs, you’re bound to get everyone running to your site – no matter what you write about. The key is to choose a really good prize, as well as one that is relevant for your blog. If you want to convert the traffic that you are getting, you’ll want to make sure you’re attracting the right kind of traffic. That means that if you write a parenting blog, you’ll want to offer baby gear or clothes. If you write a financial blog, you’ll want to offer financial software or books. 

If you sell your own products and services, you can consider offering one of them as a prize. However, you should be sure that your products and services are very popular before deciding on this route. Otherwise, you won’t get the traffic that you want. 

Offer More than One Winner

The more people have a chance to win, the more they will enter. You can automatically increase their chances of winning by offering up more than one winner. Two prizes may be enough to generate more excitement, but you could consider as many as 3 to 5. This may increase your costs for the contest, but it will also increase the traffic you get and give you more opportunities to engage more potential readers.

Offer Lots of Options for Social Sharing

One of the most important things you want to do with a contest is to generate a lot of buzz so that you can get more traffic to your site. One way to do this is to offer a lot of options for social sharing in exchange for more entries. Some common options include liking your page on Facebook, following you on Twitter, following you on Pinterest, sharing the contest on Facebook, tweeting about the contest, or pinning an image. The more options you offer in exchange for entries, the more exposure you are going to get on social media, leading to more traffic and more readers.

Promote It on Relevant Sites

There are dozens of sites that list contests and giveaways for free. You can blitz these sites with your giveaway, but that would be a waste of your effort. In order to get the most traffic to your site, you need to target other blogs that are in your niche. Not only will people be more interested in visiting your site to learn more about your giveaway, but those people are more likely to become regular readers after the contest has ended.

Follow Up with Lots of Great Content

A lot of people host contests and don’t think about what to do next. As a result, the traffic they get from the contest starts to atrophy over the next month or so. If you really want to leverage your contest for more traffic, you are going to need to follow it up with lots of great content. Now that you have the readers in the door, show them what you have to offer and give them a reason to stay awhile.

Contests are a great way to promote your site. Just make sure that you leverage them correctly to get the maximum traffic and to convert it into subscribers. 
Author's Bio: Bridget Sandorford is a freelance food and culinary writer, where recently she’s been researching culinary schools in Massachusetts. In her spare time, she enjoys biking, painting and working on her first cookbook.

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Adobe Creative cloud - Service and Pricing

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Adobe shifted all of its offline application to the cloud. Now designers can use Adobe products on the go. With cloud services, designers can create, retouch and edit, with instant results and because all the manipulation tasks will be carried out on the server host, therefore, getting work down faster will no longer be limited due to low hardware configuration of your system.

adobe creative cloud for designers
Adobe Creative Cloud
Furthermore, as the entire Adobe Creative Cloud is a cloud service designers will get backed up and cloud storage on Adobe server host machines.

Being online has one great advantage and that is, you can now connect with an online community of designers, so you can always have their feedback.

But, it has one disadvantage too, and that is when a designer is running on low internet connection, or sometimes high speed quota gets used up.


There are a number of membership plans that vary widely. There are a total of three membership categories plans for Individuals, plans for team & businesses and plans for education.

Below are 

Plans for individuals

  1. Free - 30 days app trial with 2Gb of cloud storage and with limited access to service.
  2. Single App ($19.99/mo) - Full version of selected app with 20 Gb of Cloud storage and limited access to services.
  3. Complete ($49.99/mo) - Full version of every application with 20 Gb of cloud storage and full access to services but annual commitment is required.
  4. Special Offers (Ranges from $9.99 to 29.99) - With special offers existing CS3 and higher version customers get special discounts on the cloud services. For more go to Plans: Adobe Creative Cloud.

Plans for Businesses & Teams

Get 100 Gb of cloud storage per user, Administrative tools, and access to expert support team. No fixed plans you need to contact using contact form.

Plans for Education

Will end on  25th of June, so better go to Plans: Adobe Creative Cloud.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Meet 10 for 10 Adsense Publishers

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In every job a new motivation must always be there, to help you work with better presence of mind. Google Adsense announces one "10 for 10" publisher every week from around the world and places a video on YouTube featuring the publisher for the world to watch and also a brief case study in PDFs file.

Therefore, every week there is a new inspiration video waiting for every publisher. Watch it, feel it, get some ideas how to grow yourself, redefine your aims, etc.

Below is the list of those YouTube videos of "10 for 10 publishers". If you too are a publisher then you can apply for 10 for 10 Adsense publisher and get a chance to get featured on Google Adsense's YouTube channel and have your blog promoted too.

Google Adsense announces a "10 for 10" publisher every week. The publisher who gets selected gets a chance to get featured on Adsense's YouTube channel.

How to apply for 10 for 10 Adsense publisher?

  1. Log-in into your Google Account.
  2. Go to the application form page.
  3. Fill out the form.
  4. Upload your logo and Submit.
NOTE- In the form you are required to enter your Adsense Publisher ID.

Where is Adsense Publisher ID?

  1. Log in into your Adsense Account.
  2. On the upper right corner you can find your Publisher Id.
And don't worry your Publisher ID is a publicly accessible value. There is no security risk.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Fast and easy photo sharing through Fuji Digital camers

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Today everything revolves around social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and 9gag. When someone sees something special, funny or weird in any way, they will photograph it and publish on some social network. The connection between digital camera and internet, especially social network is more important than ever. People from Fujifilm decided to use this connection and make a digital camera that can in an easy and fast way share photos between smart phone and digital camera.

The Fuji FinePix F800 is a digital camera from Fujifilm that has one application for easier and better sharing photos between digital camera and your smart phone or tablet. The whole camera is very simple and elegant, it has elegant curves and it is available in three colors; red, blue and black. They made it with rubber edges to prevent it from slipping, which is great move. This camera has a manual pop up flash, which you can open with one button and you can close it just by putting it back in the camera. It is very easy to handle with simple commands. On the top of the camera there are few buttons, like the power button and function button. The great thing about this camera is that is has separate button for video control so you can start recording no matter what you are doing at the moment.

A brief Review about Fuji FinePix F800

This Fuji FinePix has 16.6 megapixels EXR CMOS sensor for high quality photographs. Photos taken with this digital camera are great, sharp and clear with great colors, even in low lights. This camera has great wide-angle which is perfect for landscapes or group photos. The video recorded with this digital camera is HQ with excellent stereo sound. This camera is different from other cameras because with it you can share your photos on the digital camera with you tablet. This is named Wireless Image Transfer. You can just turn it on and expect from it to work, you'll have to download an application to your smart phone or tablet named Fujifilm Photo Reciever.

FujiFilm Photo Receiver for iOS and Android

A Fujifilm Photo Receiver is an application made by Fujifilm for you to synchronize your Fuji digital camera with Wireless Image Transfer and your smart phone and tablet. It is compatible with both iPhones and Android smart phones and iPad and Android tablets, so you can download it for both brands on the internet. When you open the application, it shows you the list of the cameras with what you can use it. The application is free and compatible to almost every brand of tablet and smart phones on the market. When you start this application, you can upload photos directly from your digital camera without any passwords or any kind of identification. You don't have to upload every picture separately; you can do it in about 30 pictures at a time, no more than 2 GB in size, which is a great thing. Before choosing which one you will download you can browse on you tablet and see which pictures you have and then choose only few you like.
Author's Bio: Edo is and student in Polytechnicum Zagrabiense in Zagreb and he is a big technology fan. He researches devices and then he makes a website about that device with advises and reviews to help others. His last page is The best digital camera.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

New Gmail Inbox: How to get it?

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On May 29th, Gmail introduced new gmail inbox. The base concept of the new version of gmail inbox is to get easy access to what you exactly want. There are five broad categories of mails that people get. They are-
  1. Primary- Person to person mails.
  2. Social- Mails from social networks, media sharing sites, online dating sites, and other social websites.
  3. Promotions- Deals, offers and other marketing emails.
  4. Updates- Personal auto generated updates including confirmations, receipts, bills and statements.
  5. Forum- Messages from online groups, discussion boards, and mailing lists.

How to get the new inbox?

  1. Log-in into your Gmail account.
  2. Open the 'Settings' drop down menu from upper right corner.
  3. Select 'Configure Inbox'.
  4. Now, you will see Configuration options, select all that you want to show as tabs on your inbox.
  5. Click 'Save'.
get the new gmail inbox
Configure Inbox
The tabs shown are predefined, you cannot create custom tabs. At-least not for now. You can select whether to display your starred emails in primary emails tab or not.