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Finally Hashtag is available to everybody on Facebook?

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A way of sharing, discovering and engaging launched and popularized by twitter, made its way to Google Plus and finally arrives at Facebook. Yes, we are talking about # hashtag. Now facebook has functionality to follow or subscribe to other users and now hashtags too. This may seriously impact twitter.

Where Facebook's hashtag can be used?

Well almost everywhere. You can use hashtag on-

Your status updates

While posting status updates, you can place hashtags any where in the context.

Facebook hashtag on status
Facebook Hashtags on status update
You can get more followers/subscribers who will receive selected updates from you.

Facebook Page Status

If you own any Facebook fan page then it becomes way to much important to use hashtags as hashtags help will help your page in getting discovered and get more likes and convert too.
Hashtag on Facebook fan page
Hashtag on Facebook fan page
Anyone seraching for #HTCOne or #anyhashtag will easily discover your content and finally your page too. You may cover extra likes, views and comments on your fan page.

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Searching Facebook hashtags

Any post doesn't matter posted on your personal account or as your Facebook fan page, both can be searched via different methods.
Use search bar- You can simply put your query in the search bar with appropriate hashtag and get results.
Click on other hashtags- 

hashtags when clicked search and display results
Hashtags when clicked perform search and open them in a frame

Hashtag Privacy and Security

This might have sparked a question in your mind about privacy and security infringement. But the good news is that facebook hashtags strictly follow the privacy settings applied by the user on their status.

If a status is public then anybody can see your updates in the search result. But if your status' privacy is set to friends or friends of friends, then the appropriate users can see your status update in their search results.
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