Monday, 29 July 2013

How to see new likes on your Facebook Fan Page?

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Having a new like is great, and knowing who liked is even better. See the list of new and recent likes by others on your Facebook brand page. Explore all of them make new admins, explore those who like your content and admire it.

list of new likes on Facebook page
List of recent fans of your Facebook page

How to see new likes?

  1. Log in into your Facebook account.
  2. Switch to your page.
  3. Now click the friends button from the header navigation bar.
Whenever a new like or fan is gained, the person is highlighted in this list. You can access all your fans using this list.

You can also have a look at other Facebook Pages that like your fan page. To do so, 
  1. Click "See All" link in the likes list.
  2. From the frame that opens you have a drop down menu at the top left.
  3. Toggle using the drop down.
other pages that like your brand page facebook
Other pages that like yours
You can also promote any fan to admin from here, but if you do so make sure you know him/her personally and now it is required that you must know their email address to do so.

As soon as you will click the "Make Admin" button you will be redirected to another page from where you can specify a "role". Giving a role means that you are giving the user restricted privileges for your page, like insight analysts can only view the new likes, posts submitted on your page, people talking about, etc.

Friday, 26 July 2013

Top 5 Benefits Of QA Testing

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Quality assurance is the process by which products are checked to make sure that they meet specific standards. QA Testing is the means by which these standards are assured. Software development companies use software quality assurance as they attempt to put out products that are free of errors for the end users. However, some startup establishments in the software development industry often overlook the importance of this step.

Question and Answer session
Quality assurance is not simply a formality, but it is undeniable that when this part of the development process is not applied the company may then fail in delivering a program that meets all the client’s requirements. The reason for this is that there is no assurance that the diverse operations will be fully operational.

What exactly is QA?

During software development, QA is the process by which developers observe the many processes to determine if they are all functional. Typically, there are a number of sub-processes written into the programming of software that must be functioning before the end product is sold.

While it is true that QA Testing is intended to make sure the delivery of a quality product, there are other considerations as well. For instance, when a product is well designed and the appropriate testing applied, there is a greater chance that the customer who purchases it will be better satisfied. This not only leads to customer satisfaction, but is also good for business in other ways as well. One way is better reviews and consumer feedback which increases the likelihood that more sales will occur.

Using software quality assurance allows developers to identify and then correct or eliminate errors that may be found. This truly saves time because once in the hands of clients or customers the process to correct such errors is likely to be extended adding to the cost of the product.

Benefits of QA Testing

  1. The first benefit that is derived from software quality assurance is that it helps reduce the need to make alterations to the application. By applying appropriate testing procedures, it is possible to fix anything that is found to have errors or bugs by identifying them and then making changes required to eliminate them. The time savings benefit can be significant.
  2. When proper testing procedures are used throughout the development process, errors can be recognized in the initial stages and then cleared up are required. This eliminates the need for the expenditure of extra time and money to correct problems after the software development has been completed.
  3. Through QA Testing, developers are better able to understand the diverse requirements of clients.
  4. Problems within applications are more easily recognized during testing.
  5. Attending to the details of quality assurance helps clients to see that developers are interested in delivering higher quality work. This can mean that the same clients will return to request additional service.
It is certain that QA Testing will add time to the process of development, and one could say that adds to the expense. However, the real cost comes with not performing the required testing to ensure that the end product is high quality because it will come back to haunt any developers in terms of added expense or loss of paying customers.

Even though one cannot fully guarantee that the software will be 100% devoid of problems, the end product will be significantly better than if the proper testing procedures had not been followed.

The question is, can you afford to forgo quality testing for the sake of getting the software out quickly or under budget? Probably not. To omit this critical step in development is tantamount to sabotaging your own efforts. You really cannot afford to do that now, can you?
Author's Bio: Barry Wong is an author for QA Consultants. They were founded in 1994, QA Consultants is the largest Software Quality Assurance and QA Testing consultancy in North America. QA Consultants is focused on helping our clients and partners achieve extraordinary success in their Quality Assurance and testing efforts.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Target users on facebook fan page with privacy controls

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Targeting is of great importance when it comes to marketing your product/content to the right audience. Marketing and promotions are very less efficient when it is not targeted to the right audience.

Facebook allows you to target the specific audience among the fans, i.e. the users you have already liked your page. This can be accomplished using the Privacy Control settings of the fan/brand page. The only draw back is that, publishing with targeting specified in your post, will only filter out the individuals who don't lie in the specified criteria.

targeted post on Facebook page
Targeted post on Fan Page

To use this feature you need to turn on or enable privacy control feature. You need to allow yourself to control the privacy of the post you will share on you Facebook fan page.

Turning On Privacy for Fan Page

admin panel and edit settings of Facebook fan page
Edit Page settings of Facebook Fan Page
  1. Go to your page.
  2. From the admin panel, click on "Edit Page" drop down menu.
  3. From there select "Edit Settings" option.
  4. On settings page, search for "Post Privacy Gating".
  5. Edit "Post Privacy Gating" and check the only option present there (Allow me to control the privacy of new posts I make on my Page).
  6. Click the Save button.
change Facebook fan page settings, targeting
Post Privacy Gating : Check the option to allow targetting
NOTE- You have no loss in posting your Facebook status without targeting, but you may loose some fans. Loss of fans is very likely to happen in case of multiple posting within a single day. On pages with high number of likes, any admin cannot determine loss occurred.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Like and Comment as Company on LinkedIn

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The market is always filled with rivals, and to win you need to perform every step that lets you forward even by a single step. After Facebook, Google Plus, etc. Now, LinkedIn has also introduced a new feature for brand pages.

Like and comment as company/brand linkedin
Like and Comment as the brand page : LinkedIn
LinkedIn users can now like and comment as the brand/company they represent on the company pages. The only limitation is that you simply cannot switch between you and you page, you get switched automatically whenever you are logged in and you access you company/brand page. This automation may come to end with new updates.

It is not clear if the switching will be made accessible to the administrators or not. Maybe the next upgrade will have this or as LinkedIn is running on a freemium model, these kinds of upgrades may be reserved for premium users. 

This is probably the first step towards brand/fan engagement, and may get even better with possible future updates.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Create Stylish Feedburner Email Subscription Form yourself

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Doesn't matter if you are a BloggerWordPress  tumblr, joomla, etc publisher. A lot or I must say maximum still rely on Feedburner for publishing their RSS and also for email subscription.

Building readership via email newsletter is as important as other parts of blogging like creating content and promoting on various social media platforms.
customize or style you email subscription form
Feedburner Email Subscription Form
Blogger users use custom build or mostly Blogger's official widget for creating their email subscription form. But as of today, having your subscription are highlighted is very important. So here are some steps that you can apply to customize your email subscription form as you like and you can alter them as your  wish or requirement of your blog.

NOTE- This tutorials take into consideration the fact that you are using official Feedburner widget on Blogger though once through you will be able to alter you WordPress widget too.

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Redirect Blogger blog from non-www to www domain.

Blogger or official widget

If you are using Blogger platform and official widget from "Add Gadget" option. Then in such case the styling of the email input text field and submit button comes from two CSS classes. 
  1. Email input field's class is named - follow-by-email-address, and
  2. Submit button class in names - follow-by-email-submit.
All you need to do is override these with custom value. To do so there are two methods, 
  1. Using internal stylesheet, or
  2. Using inline styling.
For some reason inline styling is considered bad for SEO as it increases loading and page rendering time. But if you don't have any inline styling it wont matter at all. And in maximum of blogger templates there is no use of inline styling. So feel free to use it.

Email Field,

  1. Go to Blogger, log-in and select the blog from the list.
  2. Go to your blog's "Template" menu and then to Edit HTML.
  3. Use "Ctrl + F" shortcut to search for follow-by-email-address.
  4. And then you will get one result, replace the code starting with 
    <input class='follow-by-email-address' name='email' placeholder='Enter Email Address...' type='text' /> 
<input class='follow-by-email-address' name='email' placeholder='Enter Email Address...' style='background-color: #f4f4f4; padding-left: 8px; -webkit-border-radius: 6px; border-radius: 6px; height: 33px; width: 280px;' type='text' /> 
 Click Save and review your template.

Submit Button,

  1. Use "Ctrl + F" to find  follow-by-email-submit and replace 
    <input class='follow-by-email-submit' type='submit' value='Submit' />
<input class='follow-by-email-submit' style='background-color:#ff9933; -webkit-border-radius:6px; border-radius:6px; height:35px; width:100px; font-weight:bold;' type='submit' value='Submit' />
Click Save and review your template.

You may have a number of problems. So now the following will tell you how to troubleshoot it. For that, alter the values of the style attribute, the only error that you will encounter will be because of the difference in the sidebar sizes. 

Change email subscription forms style
follow-by-email-address style
To troubleshoot that, alter the value of width. To change the corners of the button and email field alter the value of -webkit-border-radius and border-radius keep the value of both same. This will avoid confusion (if any). To change the color of the button change the value of background-color you can get the appropriate colors and their hexacodes from Color Picker.

Friday, 19 July 2013

Peek inside NYC Restaurants with Google Maps

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Welcome to NYC's Fig & Olive Restaurant via Google Maps. Click the image below to enlarge. More maps will join Google's mapping service soon.

Fig & Olive Restaurant Google maps inside view NYC
Fig & Olive Restaurant Inside View : Click to enlarge

Google Maps is getting better every day. After rolling a still in trial version of the New Google maps, Google Maps has introduced some new maps.

Click See inside to view restaurants from inside
New York City have over 25,000 restaurants approximately. These maps allow you to have a 360 degree view of the New York City restaurants from the inside. These help out greatly in deciding which one to select in accordance to the occasions or maybe just to have a perfect place to eat.

Post images in Facebook comments on brand pages

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Facebook launched photo posting feature for comments. But the feature was limited to Facebook profiles only. Now the feature has been expended to the Facebook brand pages. Both page users and administrators can post photos in comments rather than simply using text.
Post photos in comments
To post a photo comment simply click on the photo icon next to the comment text field, after that upload any file that you want to post.

comment on fb page
Photo Comment
Post and it is done. The feature is available for both Facebook desktop as well as facebook application for Android, windows phone and iOS. But it is still unavailable for users using mobile version at The users of the mobile version are required to wait for the next platform update, it may include it.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Try New Google Maps

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Google has rolled trial of New Google Maps, with an all new full screen interface. To access this version of the maps, you need to go to Google maps and from there click the "Get the new Google Maps" banner. You can always switch back to the classic version of Google Maps using the "Help & Feedback" drop down at the upper right corner of the interface.

See maps in 3 dimensions on Google maps
3D Maps on New Google Maps : Click to enlarge
For sure this newer version has got the navigation controls to toggle between the different view angles. Whenever any place is searched you can get a series of photos. When a user hovers on any of these image, the image points to where, it came from, i. e., you can select these images to get the street view of that specific place.

Navigation is also possible when in Street View mode. When in Street Mode hover the cursor and different places on the map. The cursor changes to navigation directions, click when it is appropriate according to you and the entire canvas will move in that specific direction.

While using the new version which still is in beta phase, you may want to switch back to the old version. 

street view of silicon valley Google maps
A road in Silicon Valley with navigator arrow
With the street view and the navigation, you can navigate like walking down the street the only difference you can walk very fast depending on your internet connection speed.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Stock Market watch apps for Android

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If you are busy in investing in stock market to have some profit. Then the first requirement is to have an active watch on the stock markets. Well, I have almost no idea about stock markets but I will let you know the perfect applications that you can use, if you are an Android user.


News tab of stock market watch Android Application
Google Finance App :: News Tab
Finance or Google Finance is an application by Google. it uses your Google account credentials to log-in n into the application. from where you can have real time quotes and portfolios. It synchronizes with Google Finance portfolios and lets a user have quick access to charts, comp news, and latest market.


Not very different from Google Finance as this application too, synchronizes with Google Finance. You can view company news, have a watch on stock markets, etc. You get data from markets in US, Canada, UK, HK(15 minutes delay), Japan etc.

But as of user preference, this application is much more popular and preferred among the users. So, if you are going to install Google Finance or you are currently using Google Finance, then you must give it a try,

Stock Watcher

Another market watching application but this is does not rely on data by Google Finance, rather the data displayed is taken from Yahoo Yahoo Server in US, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, India, Canada Mexico, Brasil and Argentina.

You get financial news (RSS), access to portfolios, twitter news search, run application is full-screen mode, have a look on technical indicators like ROI, RSI, MFI, etc.

NOTE- These app may produce delay, due to a number of reasons like slow net speed and bad connectivity, etc. at the extremes, so blindly relying on the data feed via these applications is not advisory. For, important decisions use the regular methods of market watch. These application are meant for having data on the go.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Transfer files using WiFi Mobile AP (Access Point)

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Sharing large files like OS, big software like Photoshop, Music Videos or Movies via USB takes a lot deal of time. Though, we have USB 3.0 available but on that too, you need to first transfer files to flash drive and then the receiver is required to copy it to his PC. Sometimes, one of the two machines don't have USB 3.0. In such cases, you are free to use your machines WiFi to get the task done amazingly fast.

WiFi logo transfer files wireless
Transfer large files over WiFi
To transfer files using WiFi, first requirement is to create a WiFi hotspot or Mobile Access Point. Mainly there are two ways to do so first by using Windows command prompt or using external software.

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Select default OS during boot up

Some manufacturers like Samsung provide built in software to create, enable and disable Mobile Access Point. All you need to do is turn it on. In case your Samsung machine don't have it, then you can download SW Update from Samsung's website for your model.

Creating Mobile AP (Access Point) Using Command Prompt

  1. Open Command Prompt (Admin) using Windows + X shortcut key or by right clicking the start in Windows 8.
  2. Use "Netsh wlan show drivers" command to check active wireless device and drivers information.
  3. In the output result that is generated in your command prompt look for Hosted Network Supported it must be Yes.
  4. Now, you need to set Network's SSID and password to make the connection secure.
  5. Use "Netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=<ssid> key=<password>" where ssid is like your username and key is like your password to access Mobile AP. Example, "Netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=sectortechno ket=sect0rtechn0".
  6. To enable or start your hosted network use "Netsh wlan start hostednetwork".

Creating Mobile AP Using Settings in Samsung laptop

  1. Open Settings navigate to Network.
  2. Open Mobile AP tab from Network.
  3. Mobile AP must be off if you want to change username and password.
  4. Enable or start it using On/Off button.
Creating Mobile AP using Settings in Samsung
Creating Mobile AP using Settings in Samsung

Creating Mobile AP using third party software

There are a number of third party software to do so you can use Connectify from but it is paid software you can download free limited trial version of the software from the website.

Transferring files over WiFi

Now, with one of the device as Internet AP, connect the other one to it. After connecting open built in software named "Easy File Share" available in Windows 7 as well as 8 and 8.1 too.

Share large files over WiFi
Easy File Share : Share files fast over WiFI
NOTE- Only one device is required to have enabled Mobile AP. The other is required to be connected.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Turn any Windows 8 PC into screen touch device with Plantronics

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With Plantronics' Handmate Windows 8 pen, any windows 8 machine can be converted to get screen touch experience.
Turn Windows 8 machine into screen touch enabled pc
Plantronics Handmate Windows 8 Pen
Handmate Windows 8 pen is specially designed for Windows 8. Setting up is simple, just connect the device to USB and set it on the screen. Then you need to put batteries in the pen. Now, calibrate your pen so that write input is passed when used.

It is plug-n-play device, and supports features like drag-n-drop, slide, swap, zoom in, zoom out, etc. It uses ultrasonic and infrared to operate. But if you are used to sensitive screen touch experience of devices like ipad, our smart phones, then you must have in mind that this device will take time to get used to.

In India, it will cost around 4,999 INR. Not, technically cheap but a good buy in case you have some work regarding drawing etc. Great device for playing windows 8 games from the app store. Apart from that plays great, with Microsoft Office documents.

This version of device works on screen sized 16 inches or below. Higher screen size devices are expected to be comming soon.

Technical Specifications

Technology: Ultrasonic and Infrared
Coverage area: up to17"(MAX)
Resolution: 100 DPI
Accuracy: 0.2mm
Communication: USB 2.0 Full Speed , USB Cable
Power Source: Pen: 2 x SR41 batteries
Pen Battery Life Time:500 hours of continues writing/hovering.(The ratio of the pen's working and standby time is 1:9 )
Note: Lifetime of the batteries may vary and cannot be guaranteed
Standards: FCC/CE
Platform Support: 
Windows® 8
· Sampling rate:58 samples/second
· Power consumption:
· Operating Temperature: +10°c to +35°c.
· Storage Temperature: -10°c to + 50°c.
· Operation Relative Humidity Range: 20% – 80 %   (40°c).
· Storage Relative Humidity Range: 20% – 80 %       (40°c).
· Size: L * W * H: 68.01*26.32*7.70 (mm)
· Weight: about 9gr.
Color: Black

How to add new users to your Google Analytics ?

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The blogosphere is expanding and maximum of successful blog or websites are multi-authored. In such cases not everybody get the same privileges. Some are contributor, authors, moderators, administrators, etc.

Web site's or blog's traffic matters to anyone who is actually working for the site first, then for himself/herself. It includes administrators, or authors who are in partnership with the blog. Knowing the web traffic stat triggers the authors to work more as they are happy with the increasing visitors.

how to add new users to google analytic profile
Add New Users in Google Analytics

How to add more users to your Google Analytics?

  1. Login into your Google Analytics account.
  2. Select anyone profile.
  3. When the overview of selected profile loads, select the "Admin" tab at the right side of the navigation bar.
  4. From "Profiles" tab select the profile whose data you want to share.
  5. After selecting the appropriate profile, select the "users" tab just next to "assets" tab.
  6. Click the "+New User" button.
  7. Now enter a gmail email address and select the new users role, you are allowed to make the new user administrator or user. You can select whether to notify him/her via email or not. If you will select to notify via email then the email will clearly expose you email id, in case you don't want that to happen just don't notify the new user via this option.
  8. Click "Add User".
profile tab for adding users in Google Analytics
Profiles tab in Google Analytics

I want to share my data without adding a user?

If that is the case, then you can email your data for a specific time period to anybody you like, when that time period is over the data emailing process will end. Learn more about setting up email.

With Google Analytics you can track your visitors flow too. Visitor flow is a interactive chart of, on what page a visitor landed on your site and when he/she left.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Get Microsoft's Solitaire Collection for Windows 8

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Solitaire is a collection of card games. Microsoft has included it in it's windows operating system since Windows 3.0 which was released in 1990. That is another matter of fact that the game was developed in 1989.
solitaire collection for windows 8 operating system
Microsoft Solitaire Collection for Windows 8 OS
But in the latest edition of Microsoft Windows 8, the game do not comes pre-installed in the package. But still you can have it from Windows 8 app store. The solitaire package is sized around 95Mb.

It includes Klondike, Spider, FreeCell, Pyramid, TriPeaks and Daily Challenges. The best part is that you can create and connect via Microsoft account and XBOX account. 

available solitaire games in windows 8
MS Solitaire Collection: Click to enlarge
You can select from a number of card themes, and you can create custom themes too. In custom themes, you can alter background (the table canvas), the card back, photo (for Aces, Kings, Queens and Jacks) and add background effect like bubble, dust, etc.

Unlike the last version you can have an active feed for the game played, won and loss stats. Though stats are saved in Windows Vista and Windows 7 too, but you not in a single place. With yourself signed in via your Microsoft account you can play monthly challenges and be at the top of the leaderboard.

Amazing Facts about MS Solitaite

  1. The game was intended to help users learn the newly introduced GUI or Graphical User Interface, features like drag and drop.
  2. In 2006, a New York City worker named Mr. Edward Greenwood IX was fired after mayor Mr. Bloomberg saw him playing solitaire game in office.