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How to add new users to your Google Analytics ?

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The blogosphere is expanding and maximum of successful blog or websites are multi-authored. In such cases not everybody get the same privileges. Some are contributor, authors, moderators, administrators, etc.

Web site's or blog's traffic matters to anyone who is actually working for the site first, then for himself/herself. It includes administrators, or authors who are in partnership with the blog. Knowing the web traffic stat triggers the authors to work more as they are happy with the increasing visitors.

how to add new users to google analytic profile
Add New Users in Google Analytics

How to add more users to your Google Analytics?

  1. Login into your Google Analytics account.
  2. Select anyone profile.
  3. When the overview of selected profile loads, select the "Admin" tab at the right side of the navigation bar.
  4. From "Profiles" tab select the profile whose data you want to share.
  5. After selecting the appropriate profile, select the "users" tab just next to "assets" tab.
  6. Click the "+New User" button.
  7. Now enter a gmail email address and select the new users role, you are allowed to make the new user administrator or user. You can select whether to notify him/her via email or not. If you will select to notify via email then the email will clearly expose you email id, in case you don't want that to happen just don't notify the new user via this option.
  8. Click "Add User".
profile tab for adding users in Google Analytics
Profiles tab in Google Analytics

I want to share my data without adding a user?

If that is the case, then you can email your data for a specific time period to anybody you like, when that time period is over the data emailing process will end. Learn more about setting up email.

With Google Analytics you can track your visitors flow too. Visitor flow is a interactive chart of, on what page a visitor landed on your site and when he/she left.
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