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Stock Market watch apps for Android

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If you are busy in investing in stock market to have some profit. Then the first requirement is to have an active watch on the stock markets. Well, I have almost no idea about stock markets but I will let you know the perfect applications that you can use, if you are an Android user.


News tab of stock market watch Android Application
Google Finance App :: News Tab
Finance or Google Finance is an application by Google. it uses your Google account credentials to log-in n into the application. from where you can have real time quotes and portfolios. It synchronizes with Google Finance portfolios and lets a user have quick access to charts, comp news, and latest market.


Not very different from Google Finance as this application too, synchronizes with Google Finance. You can view company news, have a watch on stock markets, etc. You get data from markets in US, Canada, UK, HK(15 minutes delay), Japan etc.

But as of user preference, this application is much more popular and preferred among the users. So, if you are going to install Google Finance or you are currently using Google Finance, then you must give it a try,

Stock Watcher

Another market watching application but this is does not rely on data by Google Finance, rather the data displayed is taken from Yahoo Yahoo Server in US, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, India, Canada Mexico, Brasil and Argentina.

You get financial news (RSS), access to portfolios, twitter news search, run application is full-screen mode, have a look on technical indicators like ROI, RSI, MFI, etc.

NOTE- These app may produce delay, due to a number of reasons like slow net speed and bad connectivity, etc. at the extremes, so blindly relying on the data feed via these applications is not advisory. For, important decisions use the regular methods of market watch. These application are meant for having data on the go.
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