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Target users on facebook fan page with privacy controls

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Targeting is of great importance when it comes to marketing your product/content to the right audience. Marketing and promotions are very less efficient when it is not targeted to the right audience.

Facebook allows you to target the specific audience among the fans, i.e. the users you have already liked your page. This can be accomplished using the Privacy Control settings of the fan/brand page. The only draw back is that, publishing with targeting specified in your post, will only filter out the individuals who don't lie in the specified criteria.

targeted post on Facebook page
Targeted post on Fan Page

To use this feature you need to turn on or enable privacy control feature. You need to allow yourself to control the privacy of the post you will share on you Facebook fan page.

Turning On Privacy for Fan Page

admin panel and edit settings of Facebook fan page
Edit Page settings of Facebook Fan Page
  1. Go to your page.
  2. From the admin panel, click on "Edit Page" drop down menu.
  3. From there select "Edit Settings" option.
  4. On settings page, search for "Post Privacy Gating".
  5. Edit "Post Privacy Gating" and check the only option present there (Allow me to control the privacy of new posts I make on my Page).
  6. Click the Save button.
change Facebook fan page settings, targeting
Post Privacy Gating : Check the option to allow targetting
NOTE- You have no loss in posting your Facebook status without targeting, but you may loose some fans. Loss of fans is very likely to happen in case of multiple posting within a single day. On pages with high number of likes, any admin cannot determine loss occurred.
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