Thursday, 18 July 2013

Try New Google Maps

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Google has rolled trial of New Google Maps, with an all new full screen interface. To access this version of the maps, you need to go to Google maps and from there click the "Get the new Google Maps" banner. You can always switch back to the classic version of Google Maps using the "Help & Feedback" drop down at the upper right corner of the interface.

See maps in 3 dimensions on Google maps
3D Maps on New Google Maps : Click to enlarge
For sure this newer version has got the navigation controls to toggle between the different view angles. Whenever any place is searched you can get a series of photos. When a user hovers on any of these image, the image points to where, it came from, i. e., you can select these images to get the street view of that specific place.

Navigation is also possible when in Street View mode. When in Street Mode hover the cursor and different places on the map. The cursor changes to navigation directions, click when it is appropriate according to you and the entire canvas will move in that specific direction.

While using the new version which still is in beta phase, you may want to switch back to the old version. 

street view of silicon valley Google maps
A road in Silicon Valley with navigator arrow
With the street view and the navigation, you can navigate like walking down the street the only difference you can walk very fast depending on your internet connection speed.
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