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Do conversions using Google Convertor

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Doing different conversions are a part of daily usage of many people online or offline. Using phone or smartphone applications are the newer version of accomplishing such tasks but not everybody is interested in downloading and installing apps for doing some conversion for once in a month, sometimes frequency is greater.

With Google you can do a number of conversions. Though this feature has been around from a long time but a lot still don't know these functionality.  The available options are-
  1. Temperature,
  2. Length,
  3. Mass,
  4. Speed,
  5. Volume,
  6. Area,
  7. Fuel Consumption,
  8. Time, and
  9. Digital Storage
Conversion can be done simply by typing in the search bar. For example, if you want to convert a value from Kilobit (Kb) to bytes, then simple type "800 Kb in bytes", as simple as that.

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unit conversion using google
Converting using Google

Currency Conversion

Currency conversions are also possible but they come under the finance part of the Google, and are unavailable on the conversion widget displayed above. The reason is that the conversions listed above are fixed unit conversion whereas the currency conversions are not fixed they tend to change on daily basis. Therefore they can't be placed with the regular unit conversion widget.

Google currency converter
Currency Conversions using Google
Currency can be converted similarly as the unit conversions using the same simple process of typing as a string or sentence. Another example, to convert pound to dollar type in "1 pound in dollars".
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