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Facebook new Insight for fan page

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With every fan page you create on Facebook, you get an admin panel and an insight page too. The insight page lets you have a full detailed analytic data regarding your Facebook page. 

It allows you to track every instance (free or paid), to be tacked down. You each and every posts, you can track reach, posts clicks and likes and comment in details with numeric count and charts.
New Facebook insights for fan pages
Click to enlarge: Recent posts reach & engagement details

This interface is still available in beta phase and it is required that you must be using Facebook as "you" not as your page.

Get New insight

  1. To get the new insight, now.
  2. Log-in into your Facebook account.
  3. Switch to use Facebook as your page.
  4. Now, navigate to Home using the head "Home" menu.
  5. Select "Insights" from the Favorites.
  6. Now you will get a "Try New Insight" button.
  7. Right click and copy the link, you can directly click too but it will show you a message saying you are required to use Facebook as you not your page. And you will have a button saying "Continue as [your name]" but it may not work.
  8. So, copy the link, and then switch back to you.
  9. Now, paste the address in your browsers address bar.
This is required to be done once then you will be redirected to the new insights whenever you will try to access the insights.

Insight option appears on your page
Now, you will get message like the above on your page you don't even require, to switch to use Facebook as your page.

total likes as per each day on Facebook
Total Page likes on each date
The new insight is divided into four main parts namely, Overview, Page, Posts, People. With the new insight you can track when your page loosed a fan or your page was in a way un-liked or disliked. This was not possible before.

You can also track-

Users landing on your page from outside Facebook.
Pages and Tab visits
Posts by other, offers purchased from your page
This one is best, when your Facebook fans are online. This helps you know what is the best times to publish a post an it will reach the maximum number of your fans.
Track by demographics and gender.
Viewers were fans or not.
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