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See your WiFi password from connected Windows 8 PC

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It is not any uncommon condition, that you want to connect your device, like PC or smartphones or tablets. Or your friend wants to connect using your WiFi. But after prolonged usage, it is very likely that you forget your password.

access your wifi passwords
View connection properties

WiFi password

WiFi passwords are stored on your system. And can be accessed very easily.
To access-
  1. Open Networks using your Network or internet connection icon in your tray.
  2. Right click on your WiFi network.
  3. Select View connection properties.
  4. Check Show characters to see your password in characters.
networks properties windows 8
Wireless networks properties

Now, you have your password. And if you have access to your friends already connected Windows PC or your Windows PC is with someone else. He/she can access your WiFi password.
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