Friday, 27 September 2013

Search for "Google in 1998" and take a peek back in 1998

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Google is celebrating its 15th birthday Friday by launching a Doodle with a birthday cake. Along with this, there is one more search query launched, that allows you to take a peek at Google back in 1998. Just type -

"Google in 1998"
Google has also rolled out, an update to its core search algorithm, named 'Hummingbird'. Before this, Google made core search algorithm update in 2010 named 'Caffeine'. The new update is made to cope up with more larger and complex search queries. It has reportedly effected 90% of total search queries.

take a peek at Google back in 1998
Google back in 1998
The above query will return 237,000 result for "Google" with visuals of Google as they were back in 1998. The number of results are different from the actual query as it will return 1,940,000,000 results.

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Author's Bio: Shubhashish Shukla (follow him) is the person behind Sector Techno (twitter, facebook), a technology blog. An always learning web developer.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Grand Theft Auto 5 crossed $ 1 billion sales in only 3 days

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The Rockstar's latest game innovation, the Grand Theft Auto 5 has successfully broken the revenue collection record by collecting over $ 1 billion in just three days. The game made sales worth $800 million on the very first day. While, the analysts were expecting to earn $ 1 billion in the first month.

The game became the fastest selling game in the UK, selling 1.57 million units on the first day collecting £65 million.

Before this, Call of Duty Black Ops earned $ 1 billion but it took almost 15 days to reach $ 1 billion mark. Where as GTA 5 took only three days. Rockstar spent $115 million in the games development and $150 million in marketing.

The game is till now only available for XBOX 360 and Playstation 3. The online version of the game will be launched on October 1st and online version will be packaged free with every copy of GTA 5.

The greatest innovation in the gameplay, is the ability to switch between the three players and experience all three sides of the interwoven story. With a lot of stuff to do when on the free run.

Author's Bio: Shubhashish Shukla (follow him) is the person behind Sector Techno (twitter, facebook), a technology blog. An always learning web developer.

Upload Custom thumbnail on Facebook page posts

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Custom Image as thumbnail for Facebook fan page
Upload Custom Image as thumbnail
Whenever any article's link or URL is placed in the status posting field, Facebook automatically loads title, meta description and thumbnail from the article.

But sometimes, the article you want to share don't have any images in it or the image is inappropriate or maybe you just happen to have a better one to share. In all these cases you want to share a custom thumbnail for your status share.

When there are no images in the article, Facebook usually fetches the sites logo. Finally, the fact is any post looks a bit more better when with a thumbnail.

What image you want to share is what makes extra conversions. Facebook has also launched a new insight page from where you can track analytic details.

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How to upload custom thumbnail?

  1. Click on the 'Upload Image' link just below the thumbnail to be posted.
  2. Browse and select the appropriate image to share.
Image will be uploaded and re-sized automatically. Now, you can share any post with a custom thumbnail.

Author's Bio: Shubhashish Shukla (follow him) is the person behind Sector Techno (twitter, facebook), a technology blog. An always learning web developer.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

How to Recognize A Genuine SEO Expert?

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hire white hat SEO expert
Genuine SEO expert
There is so much information on the internet nowadays about SEO tips and services, so how do we know which ones are legitimate and which ones are just trying to get money from us? There are plenty of things you can check to see if they are genuine or not. Even if you don't know much about the SEO world, you should still be able to use these tip on how to avoid any scams or misinformation. 

Realistic Tips and Promises

All genuine SEO experts will be able to give you realistic timeframes on when you will see some type of change. SEO is not an exact science and each ranking is different, so it is impossible to be able to give timeframes that are within a few days and sometimes can take more than a few weeks. 

If you are looking to hire an SEO expert to help you get ranked higher, then they usually give you a 60 day timeframe to see large differences. Even if they are able to increase your traffic dramatically in less than 60 days, they usually give that as a timeframe because it is never guaranteed to work right away.

Avoids All Black Hat Techniques

No genuine SEO expert will ever recommend using any techniques that could eventually hurt you. If you spend a lot of time and resources trying to get ranked higher in search engines, why would an expert recommend risking it all for a few easy rankings? 

Google has made it a mission to stop all techniques that can be considered manipulative or spam, so every SEO expert knows that eventually all bad techniques that are used now, will get punished later. Do not trust anyone who says otherwise because black hat techniques will only result in failure.


This might be subjective because some genuine SEO experts offer competitive prices, but at a certain point, it is pretty easy to tell if one is genuine or not. SEO takes time and effort and should cost way more than $10 a month. There have been more and more sites that offer SEO services but will only charge you from $5-$50 a month, which is extremely low. 

On the other hand, there are some websites that try to scam people by charging way too much. The fact that SEO doesn't need to be guaranteed, means that some websites will take your money and not even attempt to help your rankings, then refuse to give you a refund later. 

It is best to research as much as you can about the website you are interested in and most genuine sites will offer some type of money back guarantee. Whether it is a certain percentage of traffic increase to your site or a ranking guarantee, at least you will be covered if they were unable to do something. 

Doesn't Use Secrets or Unknown Techniques

One of the easiest ways to spot a fake SEO expert is if they say they have some secret or unknown way to do SEO. If you see that, run away. SEO isn't a new concept and at this point in time, has been poked and prodded so much that there are no more secrets. The truth about SEO is that it takes time and effort, there are no crazy unknown short cuts that Google decided to implement. While you wish there was an easy way to rank #1 on everything possible, that is never going to happen, so stop falling for the false claims.

Updated Techniques

While some legit techniques might have been used in the past 10 years, SEO has changed and will continue to change. If you notice that an SEO expert tries to use outdated techniques, they are obviously not an expert. This can be hard to tell if you yourself are not knowledgeable about SEO, but if they tell you of a strategy they plan to use, you can always research it to make sure it is legitimate. These tips should help you keep away from those SEO scams or false experts. Just remember, you can usually find reviews about the SEO expert companies as well, so don't forget to read about other people's experiences. 

Author's Bio: Ness is a regular writer for MakeAWebsite – a host comparison website. If you need help in choosing your host, visit their website for more helpful tips.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Self Publish Books online with

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If you are a start-up writer, or maybe a renowned one, institute or any organization. You always have something to publish and/or sell/distribute in the market. But going through the processes of offset printing is quite tiresome and requires a good deal of money to start.

Publish Books Online works on POD or Print-on-Demand infrastructure. In this type, of infrastructure you have the ability to get your content printed only when required and in exact quantity required. This service uses latest technologies like digital printing, and the result is a bit costly as compared to traditional, offset printing works. But the quality is the best. That is, you are not required to invest anything out of your budget.

Who can use this service?

  1. Individuals- Get your book published for public/private circulation.
  2. Publishers- Do short-run reprinting or publish books with niche audience.
  3. Coaching/Training Institutes- Supplementary books and notes.
  4. NGOs/Other Organization supports a DIY (Do IT Yourself) model. You can submit your book's content using Microsoft Word or any other Word Processor. But the problem again is, you need people to format your content properly and create Cover Page. Generally, these works are done by professionals and it all adds to the cost of the book. Other way out is to do it yourself using Desktop Publishing software. But they may still prove to be quite confusing and waist of time especially for authors whose priority is to remain creative and productive.

Do it yourself or DIY provides their own tool for creating cover pages seamlessly. You can also select from pre-designed templates.  Or you can get it done by some one else too. Furthermore, you can create and publish your own e-books in PDF as well as EPUB format.

book cover design online
Book Front designed using Cover design tool

Estimate Price of the book also provides a tool to estimate the cost per book (print cost) and MRP which is 'Print Cost' + 'Author's profit margin' per copy. Author's margin is entirely, author's choice he/she can set it as low or as high they like.


After putting your newly published book on sale, your can track your sales and earnings using Author Dashboard. The payments method can be selected using the Remittance section.

The available payment methods are-
  1. EFT or Electronic Fund Transfer- applicable only if you have a bank account in India.
  2. PayPal- only for non-India residents.
  3. Check- available only in INR (Indian Rupee).

What else

You can also create free e-books. For the world to read. Create e-books using your RSS feeds of your Blogger or WordPress blogs. Since this service uses feeds to create your e-book, therefore, the feeds type selection must be carefully changed before requesting. Feeds can be toggled between partial or full.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Stop notifications of annoying messages on Facebook

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Message organizing system on Facebook divides all your messages into two categories and makes all messages accessible under those two categorize. These categories namely, Inbox and Others, are accessible on your messages page. Alternatively you can also access them from your messages icon of navbar or navigation bar.

The main difference between the two categories is that you get notified when a message lands in your Inbox tab, while no notifications are generated when any message lands in your Other tab. 

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These filtering are done by Facebook's automated system. In the messages filtering system, you can opt between Basic Filtering or Strict Filtering, what these filters exactly are, are out of scope for now.

But these filters were made to remove unnecessary and annoying conversations, from popping notifications on your navigation bar's messages counter. These usually, place messages under group's chat, messages from various pages, away. But after all these are automated and system and usually places some important friends messages into Others tab.

move Facebook chats to Inbox or Other
Move messages to Inbox

How to move message to Inbox tab?

  1. Go to messages page, by click 'See All' from messages counter on the top. On just visit Facebook's message page.
  2. Now, select Inbox or Other tab.
  3. Select the appropriate conversation.
  4. Then click Action tab, and select Move to Inbox or Move to Other.
Do you know you can forward your Facebook chat conversations to any of your friend with Facebook's inbuilt functionality.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Samsung planning for a 64-bit processor smartphone

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In this era of smartphones, smartphones are now judged by its speed. The faster it processes the better it gets.

After launching iPhone 5, Apple announced to launch even better versions of iPhone 5, the iPhone 5S and 5C. The launch of these two new iPhone were to get ahead of Samsung.

Click to enlarge: iPhone 5S

To defend itself, Samsung also has plans to launch 64-bit processors in its next generation smartphones. Though, it will take a long time.

According to The Korea Times, Shin (Samsung business chief) did confirmed that Samsung will launch smartphones capable of processing data in 64-bits. A 64-bit processor will make a remarkable change in the way we use smartphones. 

A great deal of change is also expected in the gaming experience too. Having a 64-bit processor is more like utilizing one more LTE technologies.

All the war between the two smartphone manufacturers, is for acquiring the market of China as well as Japan.

The Most Helpful Apps for Busy Executives

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A smartphone is now an indispensable tool for busy executives. They almost feel like it is a part of their bodies. They are constantly on the go, and having access to the power of mobile computing that a smartphone offers is invaluable. The thing that really makes the smartphone so valuable for busy executives is the variety of apps that are available. Here is a look at the most helpful apps that busy executives can use to make their work more efficient.


This mobile app is available both for iPhones and Android phones. This is an incredibly helpful tool for executives who need a simple way to keep track of their expenses when they are on a road trip. Instead of having to save all their receipts and fill out an expense report at the end of their trips, busy executives can use Expensify to keep track off their expenses as they compile them. 

This app keeps up-to-date records of spending when users take pictures of their receipts as they receive them. It will also update records of credit card expenditures automatically. Executives who use Expensify will have their expense reports ready to be printed out as soon as they arrive home.

Documents to Go 3.0

This is another powerful business app that is available for both Android phones and iPhones. This is a great tool for executives who like to take a look at their documents without having to go through the hassle of pulling out their computers. This single app allows users to view nearly any form of document. With one app, executives can view PDF files, Word documents, Excel files, PowerPoint files and Google Docs. This makes it a very handy tool that executives on the road will make excellent use of. 


One of the most difficult parts of being a busy executive is keeping track of everything that needs to be handled. This makes it imperative for successful executives to use task manager to keep them on point. OmniFocus is an iOS-only software, which means Android phone owners will need to look elsewhere. OmniFocus is one of the most amazing task managers on the market today. It can keep track of projects in a number of different ways, including by person, place project, and date. It notifies users about upcoming deadlines and important events. It is wonderful to have all the tasks organized in an app that users can take with them anywhere on their iPhones.

Pocket Cloud Remote Desktop Pro

This is a great tool for executives who spend a lot of time on the road. It is available both for iPhones and Android phones. Executives can use it to access their Mac or Windows desktops from anywhere in the world. It is a very simple program to use, and it makers things very convenient for users who do not want to carry a laptop with them everywhere. 


One of the annoying little things that business executives have to deal with is keeping track of all the business cards they receive. This app eliminates that headache. When users receive a business card, they can simply scan it into their phones with their phone cameras. The photo will be added to the CamCard app, which organizes all the business cards into an easy-to-read format. 
Author's Bio: This has been a post from the tech savvy consultants at Naked Business Consulting, in Melbourne Australia. If you want to give your business an edge, talk to them.