Friday, 27 September 2013

Search for "Google in 1998" and take a peek back in 1998

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Google is celebrating its 15th birthday Friday by launching a Doodle with a birthday cake. Along with this, there is one more search query launched, that allows you to take a peek at Google back in 1998. Just type -

"Google in 1998"
Google has also rolled out, an update to its core search algorithm, named 'Hummingbird'. Before this, Google made core search algorithm update in 2010 named 'Caffeine'. The new update is made to cope up with more larger and complex search queries. It has reportedly effected 90% of total search queries.

take a peek at Google back in 1998
Google back in 1998
The above query will return 237,000 result for "Google" with visuals of Google as they were back in 1998. The number of results are different from the actual query as it will return 1,940,000,000 results.

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