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If you are a start-up writer, or maybe a renowned one, institute or any organization. You always have something to publish and/or sell/distribute in the market. But going through the processes of offset printing is quite tiresome and requires a good deal of money to start.

Publish Books Online works on POD or Print-on-Demand infrastructure. In this type, of infrastructure you have the ability to get your content printed only when required and in exact quantity required. This service uses latest technologies like digital printing, and the result is a bit costly as compared to traditional, offset printing works. But the quality is the best. That is, you are not required to invest anything out of your budget.

Who can use this service?

  1. Individuals- Get your book published for public/private circulation.
  2. Publishers- Do short-run reprinting or publish books with niche audience.
  3. Coaching/Training Institutes- Supplementary books and notes.
  4. NGOs/Other Organization supports a DIY (Do IT Yourself) model. You can submit your book's content using Microsoft Word or any other Word Processor. But the problem again is, you need people to format your content properly and create Cover Page. Generally, these works are done by professionals and it all adds to the cost of the book. Other way out is to do it yourself using Desktop Publishing software. But they may still prove to be quite confusing and waist of time especially for authors whose priority is to remain creative and productive.

Do it yourself or DIY provides their own tool for creating cover pages seamlessly. You can also select from pre-designed templates.  Or you can get it done by some one else too. Furthermore, you can create and publish your own e-books in PDF as well as EPUB format.

book cover design online
Book Front designed using Cover design tool

Estimate Price of the book also provides a tool to estimate the cost per book (print cost) and MRP which is 'Print Cost' + 'Author's profit margin' per copy. Author's margin is entirely, author's choice he/she can set it as low or as high they like.


After putting your newly published book on sale, your can track your sales and earnings using Author Dashboard. The payments method can be selected using the Remittance section.

The available payment methods are-
  1. EFT or Electronic Fund Transfer- applicable only if you have a bank account in India.
  2. PayPal- only for non-India residents.
  3. Check- available only in INR (Indian Rupee).

What else

You can also create free e-books. For the world to read. Create e-books using your RSS feeds of your Blogger or WordPress blogs. Since this service uses feeds to create your e-book, therefore, the feeds type selection must be carefully changed before requesting. Feeds can be toggled between partial or full.
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