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Stop notifications of annoying messages on Facebook

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Message organizing system on Facebook divides all your messages into two categories and makes all messages accessible under those two categorize. These categories namely, Inbox and Others, are accessible on your messages page. Alternatively you can also access them from your messages icon of navbar or navigation bar.

The main difference between the two categories is that you get notified when a message lands in your Inbox tab, while no notifications are generated when any message lands in your Other tab. 

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These filtering are done by Facebook's automated system. In the messages filtering system, you can opt between Basic Filtering or Strict Filtering, what these filters exactly are, are out of scope for now.

But these filters were made to remove unnecessary and annoying conversations, from popping notifications on your navigation bar's messages counter. These usually, place messages under group's chat, messages from various pages, away. But after all these are automated and system and usually places some important friends messages into Others tab.

move Facebook chats to Inbox or Other
Move messages to Inbox

How to move message to Inbox tab?

  1. Go to messages page, by click 'See All' from messages counter on the top. On just visit Facebook's message page.
  2. Now, select Inbox or Other tab.
  3. Select the appropriate conversation.
  4. Then click Action tab, and select Move to Inbox or Move to Other.
Do you know you can forward your Facebook chat conversations to any of your friend with Facebook's inbuilt functionality.
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