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Upload Custom thumbnail on Facebook page posts

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Custom Image as thumbnail for Facebook fan page
Upload Custom Image as thumbnail
Whenever any article's link or URL is placed in the status posting field, Facebook automatically loads title, meta description and thumbnail from the article.

But sometimes, the article you want to share don't have any images in it or the image is inappropriate or maybe you just happen to have a better one to share. In all these cases you want to share a custom thumbnail for your status share.

When there are no images in the article, Facebook usually fetches the sites logo. Finally, the fact is any post looks a bit more better when with a thumbnail.

What image you want to share is what makes extra conversions. Facebook has also launched a new insight page from where you can track analytic details.

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How to upload custom thumbnail?

  1. Click on the 'Upload Image' link just below the thumbnail to be posted.
  2. Browse and select the appropriate image to share.
Image will be uploaded and re-sized automatically. Now, you can share any post with a custom thumbnail.

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