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Google Analytics Application for Android devices- Analytics at your fingertips

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Google's Analytical tool's newer version is live at Google Play store. Though the newer version is available only for Android 4.0 and up, but the new application is loaded with a lot of features.

The new version is exactly a minor version of the Google Analytics, as it offers almost all the features that are required to do active analytical watch. 

Monitors available

  1. Overview
  2. Real Time Traffic Tracking - The new version of Google Analytics app also have Real Time analytics. Therefore, now you can track real time visits to your website/blog.
  3. View audience based on language, location, new vs returning, browser, network, mobile overview, mobile devices.
  4. Traffic Sources- all traffic, direct traffic, search overview, organic search, paid search, social.
  5. Content- all pages, landing pages, exit pages, site speed, top events.
  6. Conversions- overview and goal URLs.
Below is the image of the sources which provides details in visualized format (graph) with percentage as well as numeric data from various countries and territories. In the screen shot below the data collected is from 98 countries.

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Track your visitors flow with Analytics
E-mail your Google Analytics data directly from google analytics
Visitors overview in Google Analytics app for Android
Sources Overview: Google Analytics
Easy navigation for accessing and moving through the data and accounts very easily. Switching between different accounting profiles is now a work of seconds. Open the list using the drop down menu, in this case where it is written 'Sector Techno' (refer to image below).

You can also change Chart Granulariy, see your data in daily, weekly or monthly basis. With all of these features, Google Analytics app for Android is complete app to monitor your websites traffic on the go.

choose analytic data from daily, weekly or monthly
Choose Granularity
Author's Bio: Shubhashish Shukla (follow him) is the person behind Sector Techno (twitter, facebook), a technology blog. An always learning web developer.
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