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How to opt out of Google's shared endorsement?

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Google has announced an update in its terms of services, which will be enforced on 11th of November 2013. 

What is shared endorsement?

As the word suggest endorsement simply means a recommendation of a product in an advertisement. After these new Google terms of services will go live, search results will start to use your Google Plus profile's public data to recommend a product in advertisements.

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A number of users are angry about this new release as Google will now use your face (profile picture) and name in advertisement. But generally speaking that is not a thing to dislike as Google will only use your public data to recommend products and services to other users.
Google Plus Settings shared endorsement
Settings Google Plus

How to opt in or out of Google's shared endorsement?

Google still lets its user decide whether they can use your profile picture and name, that is, you can always opt in or out of the Google shared endorsement.
  1. Login into your Google Plus.
  2. Go to "Settings" page from sidebar navigator.
  3. Click 'Edit' link under Shared Endorsements (shared endorsement setting).
  4. On the next page that opens up you can un-check and click Save.
opt in or opt out of Google's shared endorsement
Opt in or out of shared endorsement

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