Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Avast extension - a threat to online economy

| Wednesday, November 13, 2013 | |

A major part of internet users, use free or paid versions of Avast. Web is full of annoying advertisements. A lot of users, use ad-blocking software to block such ads.

Major online publications use different advertisement networks to generate revenue. This revenue helps in keeping the internet news running. Avast now installs a new avast extension, which is, by default blocking ad networks like Google Adsense, BuySellAds, etc.
Google Adsense and Adknowledge blocked
Not only ads, the extension also blocks a number of social media plugins or widgets like twitter, Facebook like button, addthis.

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How to enable/disable this extension in Chrome browser?

  1. Go to Menu > 'Settings'.
  2. Select 'Extensions'.
enable disable extension in chrome
Enable / disable extensions
Give your views about future alternatives to online revenue generation in the comments below.

Author's Bio: Shubhashish Shukla (follow him) is the person behind Sector Techno (twitter, facebook), a technology blog. An always learning web developer.

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  1. It can be a great loss for all bloggers.

  2. hmm I must add to my website: "sorry you use Avast and block my income = redirect to blank page..."