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GTA V Secrets and Easter Eggs

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The highly anticipated game, Grand Theft Auto V is making so much noise these days. Here, we have uncovered all the top tips, tricks, secrets, and cheats for you. So, not wasting any more time, let's start with the vehicles you are going to drive in this game.

Gamers will have access to a lot more vehicles in Grand Theft Auto V than in any GTA previous games. Though, GTA V is also linked to previous GTA games in many ways.

Vehicles which you will be able to drive in GTA V includes ATVs, BMX bikes, road bikes, dirt bikes, mountain bikes, wide variety of cars/trucks, helicopters, planes and jet skis. Players will be able to access nice cars & planes too, as Trevor( one of the persons behind the Rockstar game) is a former military pilot.

In GTA V you will find:
  • Sports & Super Cars ,
  • Motorcycles and Bicycles
  • Sports Super Cars
  • Vintage Cars
  • Hatchback
  • Sedans
  • SUVs
  • Pick-Ups and Vans
  • Public Service Watercraft & Aircraft
Some people criticised GTA 4 for its lack of easter eggs, but the company behind the GTA games, Rockstar, seem to have listened this time, and GTA V is no doubt the most egg-stuffed game ever released with. Not only this, you will also see there one of GTA 5’s unique vehicles, a rusted tractor. Most of the people don't even know where it is in the game. So, here is the secret. You’ll find that tractor near a farm in Cape Catfish, in the north east part of the map.
But,this tractor is little bit boring because it is rusted to hell and doesn’t have any tires. Besides, it’s also very slow.

Secret of UV map

The map that comes up with special edition of GTA 5 includes messages that can be revealed by shining a UV light over it.

Secret of Alien spaceship

You will find a hidden alien spaceship underwater in the north part of the game world.

Lenora Johnson's Ghost

Lenora Johnson is murdered in the GTA 5. By picking up fifty scraps of paper across the city, you can solve her murder mission, but you can also find her ghost. Her ghost appears on the cliffs between 23:00 and 00:00, on the top of a mountain Gordan in the top-right side of the map.

Secret of Bigfoot

One of the earliest rumour about the GTA 5 was bigfoot. But it’s real now, it can be seen during a mission called Predator. To see this bigfoot, start thermal imaging and slowly look across the forest.
You’ll be able to see the heat signature of Bigfoot. However, it’ll be disappeared when you look directly at him.

UFO & Alien

You will find a lonely, frozen alien at the start of the game. Apart from this, there's also a crashed UFO rests at the bottom of the sea at the northern edge of the map. Take a submarine if you want to find alien's wet buddies.

Zombie in the Game

Grand Theft Auto V is not a zombie game. But, there is a zombie walker in there. When you go through one of Los Santos’s sidewalks, you’ll find a zombie there. He has a voice-acted story to tell you too. Go and check out this zombie if you haven't seen him yet.

Shark - The best addition in the game

Shark in GTA 5
When you swim out far enough in the game, you’ll meet one of the most terrifying characters in the game that is a great big shark. It can hijack your boat, drive it out into the blue until you see a red blip on your radar which indicates that there is a shark nearby.

Apart from these easter eggs, you will also found a Playboy Mansion, Master Chief Imposter, a car which number plate reads, "4G3NT".

So, these were some GTA V secrets, hope you found them interesting. Please share with us if you also know any secret that is not mentioned over here.

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