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How to create your own company apparel online?

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Under a lot of circumstances, many companies go for selling some of the apparel like Shirts, Hoodies, tanktops, etc. These apparels can be used for, promotional purposes  as promo items, promo products, promo gifts or just for giving a sense of good people working with great organization.

Some not for profit sites are also using it to raise money for different social works. 

But not every company can afford to get it done on a large scale, when distribution area is greater than the companies reach.

create you custom apparel for company
Spreadshirt is an online platform that deals with designing, buying and selling of custom apparels. The company works on a number of locations covering a large part of America and Europe.

With spreadshirt you can create your own shop, like an e-commerce store. You can then redirect your fans from your website to your online store at spreadshirt, from where the customers can make purchase.

The shop owner can create a number of designs and make them available at their store. The online store can be customized. Spreadshirt don't designs the design for your shirts. That must be done by the user. They only deal with making the product with that design and then sell and ship it to the desired location.

Online Store

When a store is created, it is accessible via a subdomain like, but with spreadshirt a user can point it to his/her custom domain name like

For developers they have their own spreadshirt API.

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