Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Compare your Facebook page with others

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Facebook rolled out a new feature that allows Facebook brand page owners or admins to create a watch-list of other Facebook pages.

compare your page with others
Add pages to Watch
This feature will allow users to add the page under the same company or the pages of the competitor. Track will be provided so that a user can have a glimpse of the total number of likes other pages have collected and the recent changes in the number of likes. 

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For example, if other page that you are monitoring has lost some likes it will show red colored arrow pointing down, with the number of likes or fans that page lost recently. In case of new likes or gains, you will see a green arrow pointing upward.

The pages with no loss and no gain will show 0, grey colored. Your own page will be highlighted with light blue background color.

monitor other pages on Facebook
Pages under watch

The watch-list can contain as many pages as you want. So that you can keep a track to maximum possible pages. But your own page will automatically get added to the list and the watchlist section is currently very small. Therfore, you, must keep the list small so that you can have your top competitors on the top. The list will get arranged alphabetically.

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