Thursday, 16 January 2014

Facebook adds trending topics

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Another great functionality from Twitter is now available on Facebook. Facebook, recently rolled out trending topics that are displayed alongside of your Facebook newsfeed. The stories shared publicly are visible on the Trending.

But the fact that all the people don't share things publicly retards the trending. As the trending only contains public posts. For, now it is quite clear that maximum trending topics are from news pages or other such pages. The country of the user is also taken into consideration.

These trending feeds are customized by user interest. It is also possible that Facebook will start to place promoted post in the Trending section.
Trending topics on Facebook newsfeed

This will make Facebook a better stand for news digests. And will surely increase the engagement rate dramatically. The last Facebook hashtag, release is still not used by the majority of Facebook users.
Aam Admi party on Facebook trending

Facebook is testing the mobile version of this feature. Trending is not available to everybody. The feature will be rolled out for a number of countries in the next few weeks.

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