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Top new Facebook features added in 2013

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Facebook is an always evolving, social networking website. Everyday Facebook's employees work on introducing new features. This evolution is fast, one after the other new functionality are added and removed from Facebook.

Facebook top new features launched in 2013

Add your feeling, what you are watching, having on Facebook

Facebook rolled out this feature as an extension to your status updates. This helped to express your things in an even better way. You can add books, songs, movies, TV series, feelings, eating, drinking etc. This feature exploded in terms of usage.

Facebook Verified Accounts

Creating pages on Facebook is free, and almost everyone can create one. Because of this, a user won't ever know is he or she is liking the genuine or Official page or a duplicate one. To overcome this, Facebook rolled out verified accounts, to let its users know which one is a genuine page.

Facebook Hashtags

This one was another followup. Twitter is famous for mentions and hashtags. Hashtags actually started or were born inside twitter's office. This was supposed to increase the search results. But it takes time to figure out what exactly hashtags are used for, doesn't matter you are on Twitter or Facebook.

Post images in Facebook comments on brand pages

First a user was not able to post any image in response to another user's status updates or photos. Now, its possible to post images in comments on both updates from other users or other pages.

Facebook new Insight for Fan page

For publishers or page manager, having page analytic is very important. It tells about engagement of users. View and reach, etc. The insight pages were updated, introducing new user interface. Though a user need a minimum of 30 page likes to be able to see insights.

Upload custom thumbnail on Facebook page posts

While posting URLs on Facebook page, the title of the link, description usually meta description and an image is fetched from the URL. This makes the post way too much better. In case of no image, sometimes logo of the website is fetched. With this update, you can upload your own choice of image.

Compare your Facebook page with other pages

Now, a publisher can add other pages to his own pages, admin panel for easily tracking the progress of other pages. Mainly your competitors, or just the top ones in your stream.

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Author's Bio: Shubhashish Shukla (follow him) is the person behind Sector Techno (twitter, facebook), a technology blog. An always learning web developer.
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