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How to learn PHP web development ?

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PHP is a very popular language. Yet, it is the most easy to start with. In case you have no idea about the popularity of the language, let me tell you, Facebook is powered by PHP. Top CMS or Content Management Systems namely, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. are made using PHP and MySQL. Magento a very popular e-commerce framework, is made using PHP.

learn PHP web development
PHP web application on Sublime Text
So, it is quite clear. If you learn PHP web development,  you can rule the web. Create any type of application. PHP is open source, and has a vast external library that you can use, like PEAR package and frameworks like CodeIgnitor, CakePHP, Symphony, Zend, etc.

Prerequisite- What you need to know to learn PHP?

Any one can learn PHP. Even if you are from a non-programming background. Having previous knowledge of any programming language will just help you learn things quicker. You can skip basics, as they are always same in maximum programming languages.

  1. HTML - HTML is important to develop a web application. But to learn PHP, only a very basic understanding of HTML is sufficient.
  2. CSS - Again, CSS is important to make your web application look beautiful, but to learn PHP, it is not required at all.

Does that mean, I can go with PHP with very basic knowledge of HTML?

The answer is, Yes. But don't think that you can survive without HTML. Thinking that would be a pitfall.

Resources to learn PHP

Starting with HTML, CSS and PHP, before diving straight into it, start with getting familiar. The best way to learn basic HTML and CSS is nothing other than W3School.

So, now you have-
  2. - an online web development tutor.
  3. Books - Doesn't matter how many on-line portals you visit, to learn PHP you always need a book.

Books on PHP web development

I read two books to learn the basics. Beginning PHP 5.3 by Matt Doyle and Beginning PHP and MySQL: From Novice to Professional 4th Edition by W.Jason Gilmore. You can go for any of them, but to give a little more recommendation. Go for first book if you are from non-programming background and if you have a programming background then go for the later one to learn PHP.

PHP editor or PHP IDE

You need some program to edit your PHP codes. There are a number of IDE available for PHP like Aptana Studios, NetBeans, etc. But don;t go for any of it. All you need is a PHP Editor, go for Sublime Text. It is a PHP editor and is very light with code completion and syntax highlighting. That is all you need. No need to go for bulky IDE.

Video Tutorials on PHP

Web is full of tutorials on PHP. A great series is available on On YouTube, there is a channel named The New Boston they have a playlist of 200 videos that will cover almost everything.

PHP on Google Plus

Join PHP communities on Google Plus. This will help you a lot. You might encounter a number of problems while implementing PHP. But some times there will be errors, or logical problems that you may encounter. Just ask on these communities, all your queries will be answered. You can also ask in the comments below.

For any query related learning the language online or offline, please comment below. You'll get your queries answered ASAP.

Author's Bio: Shubhashish Shukla (follow him) is the person behind Sector Techno (twitter, facebook), a technology blog. An always learning web developer.
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