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Play Sperm Race on Windows Phone - Brief Review

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If you haven’t encountered it yet, sperm race is an endless racing game, with a 3D perspective. Tap down the player sperm, and move it around other sperms, making it sure that you do not touch any of the hazardous ones. The score is based on the number of Enemy Sperms that you have surpassed. The game starts with a slow speed, but with time, the number of enemies and their speed keeps on increasing, hence making it more and more difficult to make higher scores.

Play Sperm Race on Windows Phone

Sperm Race is a free download, currently present only on the windows phone store, but the developer promises to deploy one soon to the android store.

Play Sperm Race on Windows Phone
Sperm Race gameplay
Sperm Race is all about smooth graphics. The game never showed any kind of stutters or lag what so ever. I really liked the way how the front ending of the game has been done, specially the 3D menu screen. Every developer works on the playing scene, but this one has a phenomenal menu screen too, so is its play scene. Also, its awesome that this game supports the parallax view of windows 8.1, right from the first day of its launch!

No strategy of game playing is required, its a perfect boredom buster!!

My Verdict: As the developer says..DOWNLOAD AND START LOADING NEW LIFE!!!

Link to Windows Phone Store : Sperm Race on Windows Store
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