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Remove bloatware from Android devices

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First, note this only works on rooted device. You are required to root your device before trying the remove bloatware from your Android devices tutorial.

How to root any Android device in one click?

Bloatware are pre-installed applications that comes with your Android smartphone. Maximum of these applications are on trial or are never used. For example, live wallpapers, games on trial and Manufacturer's app store. Common when you have Google Play store why would you use any other app store. Though, it is true that sometimes, you may find useful apps on these Manufacturer's app store.

Remove bloatware from Android devices?

  1. First root your device.
  2. Download "NoBloat Free" from Google Play Store. Its free.

remove bloatware from Android devices
remove bloatware or crapware
There are 4 options-
  1. Disable - Your application will still remain installed but will not work. As if hidden.
  2. Backup - This option will create apk file on your SD card.
  3. Backup and delete - Create apk file and then will uninstall and delete the application. I'll recommend this one.
  4. Delete without backup - No apk file wil be created. But your application will be uninstalled and deleted.
WARNING - Some application may be required by other to work. So don't unnecessarily delete any application.  

Enjoy your free space.

In case of any problem comment below.

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