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Top Science Channels on YouTube

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YouTube is full of videos. Of-course videos. and videos. But like Google, YouTube too is a search engine. But like any other search engine, you need to know the best search phrase to land yourself on right results. So, here is a small list that features top science channels on youtube.

Here are some channels that are full of science videos. Enjoy, get entertained and gain knowledge. You won't similar knowledge even on Discovery and National Geographic channel.

Top Science Channels on YouTube

Science channels on YouTube that are listed here do not deal with numerical part. So, no need to fear these videos are as awesome as Sci-Fi movies.


Veritasium deal with answering very simple science questions. These video will amaze you that people out there, including me and you, don't have answers to very simple questions. See the world's new way of approaching daily life events. Join over 1 million other YouTube subscribers.


If you want to take a step ahead. Then you might be interested in these talk videos. Here you will get behind the scenes videos. These are not exactly science videos. In these videos, Derek Muller will be talking to you on different subjects. Sharing his experience.

Vsauce 1,Vsauce 2 and Vsauce 3

All of the Vsauce channels were discussed, in the previous fact file channels on YouTube article. Vsauce 1 deals with answering the laws of physics, chemistry and biology. The second channel, collection of videos from all around the globe featuring weird people and events. The third channel, Vsauce 3, deals with facts about videos game.


Videos on amazing science facts and various fact files. After all "Science is amazing". Subscribe to these channels and have some scientific fun.

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