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How to record better quality sound without buying expensive microphones?

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Screencast are broken into modules. Improve each module and you'll get high quality screencast video.

These modules are-
  1. Video
  2. Audio
Record better quality sound for screencast
To record screencast a number of screencast software are available, like Camtasia, Kazam for Linux, etc.

These will help you in creating HD video in various format like avi, mp4, etc.

When it comes to recording sound you need a microphone. Inbuilt microphones of laptops, they pick up vibrations from system's fan and also from table, etc.

How to record better quality audio?
Use your phone. Android users,
  1. Open Sound Recorder.
  2. From menu select Voice Quality.
  3. Select High.

Just an experiment, play any song on loud speaker and record in High, Mid and Low voice quality. Now, playback the recorded sound to notice the difference.

After recording, open the file with audio editing software like Audacity to make any necessary changes. One of the main edits will include noise reduction. Now, export the sound in format like mp3, etc. Use this exported audio in your video maker.

Noise reduction is a little bit challenging because noise may vary according to your location and conditions. There are different type of noise.

The above video will explain you the concept. Rest is practise. Now, get ready for better quality screencast.

One more tip, before making screencast longer than 30 seconds, first create a word document and write whatever you have to speak. Then use a parallel screen or printout this will make video shorter.
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