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Make your email, website, blogs, twitter public on Facebook

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Fans, users, new customer, etc want to contact you. Some users have their contact on business cards or on their websites, but not all.

A lot of users, pick emails and other data from Facebook profile. Just to keep an option open. Moreover, you can control which email to show to which user. This will help you, and you won't get work related emails on your personal email account and vice versa.

You can also select which email to put on your timeline.

How to make your social profile and email public?

  1. Go to your Profile.
  2. Navigate to About tab, then to Contact and Basic Info.
  3. Hit edit button in Email, Website, Screen Names.
  4. In Email, you should add all of your email contacts. But visibility of each email can be altered individualy. Furthermore, in email you can choose whether to show emails on Facebook timeline or not.
make social profile visible on Facebook
Make social profiles visible on Facebook

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