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How to add Microdata BlogPosting in Blogger?

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Download a free template from any website or buy a premium one. All of the Blogger templates already have microdata added to them.
Add schema blog posting
BlogPosting Schema in Rich Snippet Testing Tool

What is microdata?

In simplest term, microdata is way to highlight some data from the whole to the search engines.

For example, you have a webpage about your company. It contains 3 paragraphs, in those there paragraphs you have -
  1. name of the company
  2. name of founder
  3. address
  4. phone number, etc. 
So, these are the minor details that can be highlighted.

How to add Microdata BlogPosting?

To add 
  1. Go to Template, then Edit HTML.
  2. Use Ctrl + F, to search for <data:post.body/>.
  3. You will only find one occurrence of the above code.
  4. Just above it add, <div itemscope='' itemtype='><span itemprop='articleBody'>
  5. Just below <data:post.body/>, add </span></div>.
  6. Save it and you're done.
  7. To check, go to Google Structured Data Testing tool. Put any of your article's URL and hit Preview button.
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