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About Sector Techno

I have had a life with most days busy on net. Googling. Experiencing and checking out net resources, and what you can get out of it. And now I have this blog and I am giving away my experiences to it.

I'm not going with any specified matter that's why my entire blogs can not be categorized in accordance to any topic.  I'm just sharing what I feel others don't know. And as I say I'm no writer to write too much on the same topic so you can find my post very short some or the other time.

My tutorials are basically step by step, with photos and screen-shots.
Sector Techno (@SectorTechno) has a Technorati Authority ranking of- 122 (the higher the rank the higher the blog stands).

About Me

I am a teenage blogger from Meerut, Uttar Ptadesh, India. I'm blogging since May 2009, the day I created my blogger account. 

It was May 2009 when I discovered Blogger. But I never knew what it was used for. I tried searching Google for answers but I never got any answer good enough to explain me. Most probably I was searching Google with wrong keywords.

It was around 5th November 2010 when I discovered Blogger as a personal online diary published my first two tech post to give it a kick start. But the post were still not the one that can be included in one's diary. These two articles grabbed very low number of page-views and I left it thinking it to be a waist of time. After a year and 6 months I returned to Blogger did one more tech post, then a post on social abuse. After that I felt a little bit philosophical and started posting thoughts in my head the way it should be like a diary.

I left it all again. I had medical competitions to clear so that I can get admission in a good medical college and become a doctor one day. 

I tried but my preparations never went good enough to my expectations I was busy forgetting things much more than I memorized. Now what it could be I gave up my studies, and move to my blog. I changed the title of my weblog from Shubhashish Shukla to Sector Techno.

shubhashish shukla founder sector techno

I did blogging for 8 straight months posting over 160 posts and increased my page-views from 1,800 to 22,000 and received Google PR of 3/10.

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